Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oh, Geppetto, I Wanted to be a Real, Undead Boy!

I grew up watching Disney movies.  I didn't necessarily ever want to be a princess because I was never that girly.  My Halloween costumes consisted of Ewok, punk rocker, gangster, etc., but I did love watching the music-driven, hand-drawn Disney cartoons.  As I grew older, I never lost that familiar sense of nostalgia when a song plays on the radio, or I catch a snippet of it on TV.  So I figure, why not have some fun and post some Disney Zombie action?

 Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh!  Tubby little cubby all stuffed with...Piglet's brains! 

Oh my. I seem to have gotten myself a little dirty, Eeyore. Where's that pot of intestines? Shop owner PEMEXS notes, "deranged disney. winnie the pooh and friends take a trip on a bath salt adventure." Indeed.  You can purchase this print for $120.00 at his store. 

Another fantastic piece of artwork to peruse is Zombie Pinocchio:

This 9x12 is hand drawn with watercolor, ink, marker and paint.  The shop owner is Erik Spencer and he's offering it for a very reasonable $15.00 at his shop, which you can find on Etsy, here.
I don't generally offer more than one item from an Etsy shop owner, but since discovering UndeadEd yesterday, I wanted to spotlight a few more of his fantastic items.

The shop owner has also created a few other Disney Princess Zombies, but I found Cinderella and Belle to be my favorites.  Belle is really a Beauty, isn't she?  Both of these are available for $80 each.  You can purchase Cinderlella here and Belle here.

Last, but not least, is my favorite movie of all time - The Little Zombie...err..Mermaid!

Isn't she ridiculously adorable?  The shop owner, Kimberly Perez, offers this as a "5x7 print packaged in plastic sleeve with back board." The print is only $10.00...and I'm thinking of getting it myself! Beat me to it and get it here.

Hopefully Walt Disney isn't turning over in his grave. Hope you've enjoyed and stay spooky!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Zombies Ate My Childhood

I'm still on a Zombie obsession kick.  I'm sorry if it bores you (well, not really), but I've been having a lot of fun with this theme.  Why not have more fun by ruining (enhancing?) your childhood by changing them into the walking dead?

Super Mario Bros. was, and still is, one of the major sources of joy during my childhood.  However, Princess Peach wasn't one of my favorites, so it makes sense that she would be one of the first to turn into a zombie:

Poor Mario. He didn't even have a chance. See, that's what happens when you chase after a "Damsel in Distress."  Seller KodyKoalaToys only has one of these available for $160, so you'd better hurry and click here to purchase her.

Ok, so you probably don't need a gas mask for the upcoming zombie apocalypse, but you never know what kind of undead germs are whizzing through the air ready to infect you. To protect yourself, you need a gas mask. Specifically, a pokeball gas mask:

Ok. They're not functional respirators. But it still looks really cool.  You can purchase it here for $66.00.

Who doesn't remember watching the smurfs when they were a kid? Those cute, little blue creatures of...terror! Argh! They're zombiefied!

Maybe that's why Gargamel kept chasing them - he was trying to save himself from being eaten alive!  According to shop owner, Steve Benson, "Unfortunately those lil Blue cuties that stand 3 apples high and hum that annoying song could not be saved from the Zombie plague and now they too walk the Earth in an undead trance , singing " La la la la la la la la la la la Brainnnnnnnnns !!!!" and for the record Gargamel was the first person they ate , followed up by Azrael for desert !"  You can purchase this Smurfbie for $36.00 here.

My other obsession, Harry Potter, has received the undead treatment as well, in the form of this adorable art print:

"Zombie Potter, the boy who didn't," is a print of the original, signed by the artist, K. Werner.  It's a steal at only $12.00 and is available for purchase here.

I hope I didn't ruin your childhood too much. At least I didn't do a remake a la Hollywood and turn a wonderful cartoon into a craptastic CGI!

Until next time...

Friday, December 7, 2012

Have a Holly, Jolly Zombiemas.

It's almost Christmas. And I'm still Zombie obsessed.  So why not mash the two (not unlike mashing brains) and give you a very Merry Zombie Christmas.  This will put a ho-ho-horrific time in your stockings.

I used to be in the church choir (ha! no, really) when I was a young innocent lass (ha x 2!).  For me, Christmas is never complete without carols.  It brings me a warm and fuzzy feeling...especially when they've been zombiefied:

 Now, I actually own this book and found it fairly amusing.  Here's an excerpt of the summary: "
Fresh brains roasting on an open fire . . .

Outside the temperature's dropping. The snow is falling, blanketing the world in white. Sleigh bells are jingling. Soon it will be that most wondrous time of the year
That time of flesh-devouring zombie horror

Yes, Christmas is on its way--and all the little boys and ghouls are dreaming of stockings filled with candied eyes and bleeding body parts. You'd better watch out Santa Claws is coming to town--and he knows who's been naughty, who's been naughtier . . . and who'll taste best with a nice glass of Chianti."

Joyous, isn't it? If you're intrigued and want to share Christmas gore with your loved once via a warble, you can purchase it here for a mere $8.59.

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Santa Claus. He ho-ho-hos, he lugs a sack, and he eats...your braaains, with milk, of course.

Etsy seller UndeadEd created this undead masterpiece.  Says he, "I bought this santa at a local store and decided I just had to convert him! He was holding some books so I turned one into the Necronomicon thanks to my wonderful girl friend who gave me the idea! The body is hard accept for the arms which are poseable. The bell on his hat rings and the suit is a nice velvet! If you have questions just ask! He is a wonderful addition to the holiday decor, wouldn't you agree? The head and hands have been sealed for years and years to prevent natural wear and tear!"  You can purchase him for $75.00 here.

Santa could never gather all that flesh alone, no, oh no.  He has to enlist the help of his elves to do it:

This is actually the grossest out of the collection I'm posting...but that doesn't make it any less zombieriffic.  The creator says," Santa's elves have been infected by the Walking Dead!"  I'm hoping Rick doesn't get to him before you do. Hurry, before he gets shot in the head, purchase him here for $17.00.

Frosty the Snowman, was a happy, jolly...eater of flesh!  Yes, even Frosty, our lovable, pipe-smoking snow man has been turned into the walking dead:

The shop owner writes, "Handmade from polymerclay. This little booger has gotten himself in a pickle.. How's he gonna explain his elf killing tendencies to Santa? At least he could use the coal he's gonna get."  I'm convinced that Frosty's part in this is to preserve the flesh so they can chomp on it for longer.  Frosty costs $18.00 and can be purchased at this Etsy shop.

That's all the time we have for caroling today. Have a wonderful Zombiemas and we'll write again before the world ends!

Thursday, December 6, 2012!!!

I've only recently become a fan of "The Walking Dead."  I know, I know, shame on me.  Everyone was talking about "how awesome" this show was, so, of course, I ignored it, thinking it couldn't possibly live up to the hype. Well, it has.  And because of it, I'm obsessed with Zombies. So I present to you, Brains, Blogs, and BRAINS!!!

Ok, maybe not brains right away, but I did find these absolutely adorable Living Dead dolls at Madhouse Toys

According to the site: "Celebrate the original reanimated bodies with Living Dead Dolls Series 22. It's death from below with this collection, inspired by zombies! Set includes 5 dolls. When there's no more room in Hell, dolls will walk the Earth!"  Aren't they terrifyingly adorable? You can purchase all 5 for $122.95, and shipping is free! You don't need BRAINS!!! to figure out that free shipping is awesome.  Get it here.

One of my posts wouldn't be normal(?) without an item from my favorite site, Etsy.

Imagine a day, meandering in the garden.  You're enjoying the sunshine and butterflies when you stumble across..a zombie gnome.  AWESOME!

This cute little lady surely won't be scrounging around for your vegetables, but you might want to watch your lazy kitty. According to seller dougfx, "Since Garden Gnomes are a protector of "life" they are the first to fall ill to this new pandemic. They have become the undead in your flourishing garden of life. "  How cute.  She'll set you back a mere $59.00. Purchase her here.

Ok, ok. All of the Zombies I've been posting are static. Yes, they are inanimate (that we know of).  But what if I told you that you could have your very own WALKER?  Yes, you really can. I found it at Retro Planet.

A remote controlled zombie? Shut the front door. But yes, he exists. What's even better? According to the site, "Even the remote is a scary rotten zombie brain shape."  I'm terrified.  $24.99 is what you pay for your own walker.  You can find him here.  

Now that you've got your own walker, you've the hell are you going to keep him from eating you. How about all those other zombies for that matter?  Well, you've gotta learn somehow.  Find your lessons at Amazon, because...duh, you can find almost everything there.

 This book had awesome ratings, which is why I chose it. Here's a book description: "Meticulously researched and vigorously detailed this important survival manual is the most detailed and up-to-date book you will find to keep you and your family safe during the Zompoc (Zombie Apocalypse). This book is unique in its coverage of all Zombie strains from the viral infected fast zombies through to the shambling re-animated undead. All subjects from zombie identification, first-aid, escape techniques, household defence, combat techniques and raiding through to bartering, supplies, vehicle modification, weapons and convoy structure are all covered in great detail. With this book you can prepare for the day the Zompoc strikes and be ready to fight back and eradicate the Zombie menace from our streets. This book is illustrated throughout and even contains full plans and instructions for a post-Zompoc rebuilding of civilisation!"

As I said, this one had pretty great reviews (despite the poor spelling and grammar, because, of course, when you're running from zombies it's the last thing on your mind). According to one reviewer, "Well, this book is certainly the most serious book about zombies. And i really enjoyed the deep thought and scientific facts he put into it. And i know a lot of you people probably are saying this guy is crazy... but this stuff is all too real."  Get it at here for $14.99. 

That's it for now. My BRAAAAINS are slowly being eaten by Zombies.  Hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gotta Catch 'Um All - Pikaboob Go!

I was reminiscing this morning to the days when my son was a young kiddo in elementary school.  Life was simple, easy, innocent, and filled with Pokemon.  A light when off in my head, and I thought,  "Hey, why not blog about Pokemon? There's gotta be a load of cute stuff!" 

I never thought that I'd find what I did - a market for Poke(oh!)mon Lingerie.

And so we go on an adventure with grown up Ash and Pikaboob, to try to catch the JigglyPuffs.

We'll start off with a what's marketed as a "Sexy Pikachu Boyshort."  I'm not so sure if I'd have scored every night if I peeled off my sexy skinny jeans, trying to seduce my soon-to-be-lover, only to have Pi-Ka-CHU! staring him in the face.  Seller Stitch3d writes, "Well ladies, bring out your sexy geeky side with these ultra cute boy short panties! Wow that special someone with these geeky lil panties, the look on his face will be priceless."  Priceless is a nice word for it.  If you really want to own these, they are available here at $13.00 a pair.  

This isn't technically lingerie, but the boob placement of the pokeballs are pretty suggestive.  Wanna catch my boobies?  The tank is from MoonShineApparel and is available for $18.88 here.

There's apparently quite the market for Pokemon related bras.  Below is a halter made with pony beads:

 If your jiggly puffs are beyond an A-Cup, they can't be caught in petrichorclothing's bra.  They're made to fit us more petite pokemon ladies.  This particular candi-bra is available here for $35.00.

For the B-Cuppers out there, never fear!  You can have your own bejeweled Togepi Pokemon Bra! 

 There it is!  A soft, delicious Togepi just staring you in the face. Makes you want to grab him, doesn't it?  Framptastic sells this bra in a 34B for $35.00 here

If you want to be a little fancier, and need more versatility, this bra is made to order in any size. 

Pictured is a 34B.  The Rhinestones make this bra fancy enough to wear to your friend's Pokemon-Themed wedding, and seductive enough to overthrow any Ash with your Trainer skills, therefore winning his badge...of love.  The city's name is NeonWonderland and you can buy your pokeboobs for $60.00 here.

Last but not least...why, a Pikathong of course!

 I bet this was the exact thong th-thong thong thong Cisco was thinking about when he wrote his infamous tune.  This Limited Edition! thong is available in size S-L.  Shake your jiggle-jiggle-jiggle-jiggly-puff yeah! for only $12.00 at shopMissMonica's store here.  

Now that I've thundershocked you into thinking sexy-time thoughts when watching snorlax snooze his way around Vermillion City, go get some...lingerie to show your Pokemon Trainer how it's really done.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Careful, there's a Piranha Plant in the Toilet!

Ever since I was a child, I've had a fascination with Super Mario.  I loved the games, and although we couldn't afford to collect them, admired the related Super Mario toys and decor that came along with it.  I even watched the horribly awesome movie!

Now that I'm an adult, and just as poor, I still admire the world of those two Italian Brothers. I've even been him for Halloween!  I've decided to dedicate a post to things Super Mario and his crew.

Let's start with home decor:

Tell me this isn't the most awesome bathroom you've ever seen?  I love the thoughtful decor, down to the "Game Over" towels hanging.  I'm trying to convince my fiance to let me do something like this to our bathroom after we find our new place. Just watch out for the Piranha Plants in the toilet. I found these photos on the blog, Nerd Approved.

Let's move on to bedrooms. The bedroom is a personal space. Somewhere to share your love, affection and...obsession with Super Mario.  Who could say no to Goomba Love?

Somehow I doubt that I'd be able to get away with doing an entire Super Mario themed bathroom, but doesn't it look awesome?  This mural is just lovely. Photo found on WalYou.

Ok, maybe blatant, in-your-face Mario home decor isn't your thing. How about these classy, yet unobtrusive Super Mario coasters?

You can profess your love in an entirely subtle way that may not get you kicked out on your tooshie.  Even Bowser would love these!  Etsy seller CheerstotheWeirdness sells these for a mere $12.99.  You can get them here.

Maybe your lover has a Super Mario fetish of his own?  Treat him to some va-va-voom (insert that chu-chu-chu pipe noise here?) with this cosplay outfit:

No doubt, he'd want to eat your mushrooms and be, erm, your little princess if you wear this.  Just make sure to get up as high on the pole as possible.  It's only (eep!) $495. Ok, that's quite hefty, but who can put a price on Mario lurve?  It's on ShhhCoutureLatex's Etsy site and you can get it here

Don't forget, don't be afraid to express your mildly freaky obsession with the man in red (not Superman!). And if you find someone who lets you dress up in Mario latex, then he's definitely a keeper!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Geekasaurus Rex

My household has been on a Jurassic Park kick lately.  It's been one of my son's favorite movies since was a wee little kid, and now at 12, he'll still pop it in when he's bored and needs something to watch.  It was playing on our screen last night and hence the inspiration for today's post: Geekosaurus.

Etsy is a wonderful treasure trove of things, and finding dinosaur items is no exception.  Let's start with dinosaur things for kids, little and big alike!

The dinosaur wall stencil, by seller MyWallStencils,  helps you create Jurassic Park, right in your own home, without the threat of really being eaten!  There's a variety of stencils to help your imagination bloom, from T-Rex to Brachiosaurus, you can go wild with gigantic dreaming. You can purchase this here for $89.99. You will receive: 26 stencils and a detailed instruction and color guide.

This cheeky t-shirt will help you feel like you've plunged right into the middle of the movie.  We all know what a clever girl you are, but why not put it out there in dinosaur proportions? 
 Perdita00's store allows you to shout your fan girl love for Jurassic Park for a mere £16.00, which is around $26.00 USD. 

If you want to take your Dino-Love a bit further and dress like one, these next two items are perfect for you.

The Adult Godzilla Dinosaur Hat will make your roar with delight.  Yes, technically it's Godzilla hat, but close enough, right?  Shopkeeper RavensCraftCreations custom makes these hats, so if you have a big dinohead, it'll still fit.  It's priced at $75.00.

Last, but not least, is the Dinosaur Hoodie!  Complete with DinoFace on the hood, you can pretend that you're a dinosaur.  Extra points if you do those little T-Rex hands.  The shop owner's name is HorriblyAdorable - how could you not want to buy from a store named that?  It's $69.00 and available here

We hope you've had a roarin' good time reading this blog! Keep on geeking, Geekosauruses!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Weddings, in Geek Form

A celebration is to be had - this blogger just got engaged on Friday! Squeeeeeee!  I'm terribly, horribly, fabulously excited about getting hitched.  Because of this, I'm inspired to find all the fun, geeky wedding items over on Etsy.  Ready?  Here we go!

Cake toppers are a traditional part of weddings, but most are fairly bland ones, consisting of a generic bride and groom.  Etsy seller CreativeButterflyXOX has a few different cake toppers that put the ..erm, dings?, in weddings!

Who doesn't love a good Superhero, especially one of the most well known Superheroes of them all - Superman!  Who needs a traditional cake topper when you can have the Man of Steel, and his well known lady-friend, Lois Lane, mounting your fondant.  This cake topper can be purchased for $82.00 and can be found here.

If Superman isn't your speed, how about you wed in a Galaxy Far, Far Away?  Princess Leia and Han Solo are there to congratulate you into eternal bliss.  These guys are for cupcakes and will only set you back $36.00, a steal for weddings! Find them here.

Don't forget about Wedding Rings!

The true geek loves circuit boards, and what better way to commemorate a commitment that lasts longer (hopefully) than your laptop.  These circuit board wedding rings are available at
TheBlueKraken's Etsy store and is steal at $85.00.  Order them here.

What do you purchase for the geeky couple on their day of squeeing bliss?  Why, matching his-and-hers Star Wars mugs of course!

Get them something to remind them of the Force that brought them together every time they boot up with some java in the morning.  They'll think of you, and depending how they feel about each other that morning, will love you or hate you!  Only $36.00 for the pair, and you can get them here at Etsy seller's LennyMud's store.

So remember, just because you're a Geek doesn't mean you'll never get married. It might just take longer.  In the end, however, it should last longer than your laptop and be happier than Jaba the Hut watching a chained up, gold-gilded Princess Leia while munching on some pizza.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Taking Over the World, One Word at a Time.

This isn't a normal "Hunting for a Wabbit" post, but I wanted to proudly announce that my first novella, "Chimera Roses: A Fairy Tale" has been published!

I'm very, very excited about it and I hope you'll all enjoy my story.  It's available at Lulu, Smashwords and Kindle.

Here's a short description:

An Evil Stepmother, a Beautiful Princess, a Beast and a Glass Slipper. The makings of a happy-ending fairy tale? Rosella could only wish her life was that grandiose. All the makings of a future queen, but the journey is dark: a father who cannot grasp reality, a mother who wishes her dead, and dwarves who would rather seduce her than help her overcome her obstacles.

The world of self-publishing is a very interesting one.  There's no publishing house to marketing you with their oodles of dollars; you have to rely on yourself, friends and family to get the word out for you.  So far, it's been a great, and fun experience.  I'm glad to finally get my work out there, and hope that people will order it and read!

Let's hope this helps me take over the world, one word at a time.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

If it Looks Like a Duck, Walks Like a...what?

The author of this blog is a big Oregon Ducks fan.  If you don't like them, well...keep reading anyway, because I like having readers. If you do like them, then enjoy this blog which is being written in honor of their Rose Bowl win.

I decided since the ducks won their first Rose Bowl win in over 90 years today, I would find all kinds of cute and ducky things on the internet, and my search didn't disappoint me!  If you know someone who is a huge fan of the Oregon Ducks, or just likes ducks in general, check out these items that are being sold on Etsy, Ebay and Amazon:

Combining Ducks and Zombies seems like a match made in heaven (or a match made in my bff's heaven).  This pin is a too cute representation of what a duck may look like when the apocalypse hits at the end of the year.  Wear this pin proudly to show the Zombies you are in support of their Oregon football team.  At only $8.00, you'd have to have no Brains, Brains, Brains! to purchase one of these here.

How about getting drunk as a duck? Okay, I know the saying goes "drunk as a skunk," but really, do skunks get drunker than ducks? 

Not according to this cheery and lushed out fella above. This charming figurine is a wine holder, if you couldn't tell.  Look at how he grips that bottle, hanging onto his beloved fermented grapes with fervor! This wine holder is available on Amazon for $26.29 (on sale at the time of this posting!).

I'm going to mash up a favorite movie with my favorite mascot next with these adorable rubber ducks:
How could you not love these little guys? I especially love the Tin Man, but the whole collection is adorable.  This set of Wizard of Oz rubber ducks is currently being offered on ebay for $59.95 - 22 days left to purchase at the time of this posting.

If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck...yadda yadda.  Happy Rose Bowl championship, Oregon!  Hope you all are celebrating your little duck butts off!

- The Jaded Muse

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I am Japanese...if you Please

Okay, I'm really not, but living in Hawaii gets one very familiar with the Japanese culture, and when your bestie's parents are straight from the mother land, you get attached to all things Nihongo.

Before we get into Etsy and all that jazz, I'd like to say, "Wow, it's been a whole damn year since I've bad."  Now that I've got that said, here we go into Etsy, Japanese style.

 First up, who could think Japanese without a little sushi in their life? For all you cold weather people, here's a cute accessory that you could wear:

Doesn't that make you want to Om Nom Nom someone's ears off?  No? Well meh to you, because I think it's adorably delicious.  You can purchase these sushi earmuffs here for $30, less than what it costs for a good sushi meal.

Next up is for those sukebe out there.  Cosplay is big everywhere, in fact we have kawaii kon here in Hawaii, and it's pretty popular.  The pinnacle of every old (and young) man's eye and smaller head however, is the Japanese school girl. In fact, Cafe Tea Parlours around are dedicated to girls dressed like these school girls so those old (and some young) dudes can get their rocks off. If you've ever wanted to dress like one, you can get a costume on Etsy.

For a mere $128, you can be the object of someone's fantasy. No one tell my beau.  I have no idea if he's into this, and I don't really want to know.  Purchase your cosplay costume here.

If school girls aren't your thing, how about your own harajuku...on a necklace?

Not everyone has the...erm, guts, to dress in full harajuku wear, but many adore the girls.  You can have your very own harajuku girl, on a necklace, like the girl above. She even comes with her own rainbow (make what of that as you will).  She cost $65 dollars and can be purchased from this creator.

Last but not least, because I love weird things, and I love the game Katamari Damacy, I'm going to point you out to the most awesomest of awesome sculpture thingies ever:

Have you ever played this game? If not, I suggest you should.  It's a mindless, crazy game, where you can roll up entire cities with your sticky ball (not sticky balls, you sicko, that's another game entirely.)  Katamari is one of those kooky games only someone Japanese could come up with. This sculpture can be yours for $13.50, here.  You can also buy it for the blogger author, she would love you.

Happy 2012, everyone!  I hope to see you guys more often this year.  Be creative and dream on!

- The Jaded Muse.