Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oh, Geppetto, I Wanted to be a Real, Undead Boy!

I grew up watching Disney movies.  I didn't necessarily ever want to be a princess because I was never that girly.  My Halloween costumes consisted of Ewok, punk rocker, gangster, etc., but I did love watching the music-driven, hand-drawn Disney cartoons.  As I grew older, I never lost that familiar sense of nostalgia when a song plays on the radio, or I catch a snippet of it on TV.  So I figure, why not have some fun and post some Disney Zombie action?

 Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh!  Tubby little cubby all stuffed with...Piglet's brains! 

Oh my. I seem to have gotten myself a little dirty, Eeyore. Where's that pot of intestines? Shop owner PEMEXS notes, "deranged disney. winnie the pooh and friends take a trip on a bath salt adventure." Indeed.  You can purchase this print for $120.00 at his store. 

Another fantastic piece of artwork to peruse is Zombie Pinocchio:

This 9x12 is hand drawn with watercolor, ink, marker and paint.  The shop owner is Erik Spencer and he's offering it for a very reasonable $15.00 at his shop, which you can find on Etsy, here.
I don't generally offer more than one item from an Etsy shop owner, but since discovering UndeadEd yesterday, I wanted to spotlight a few more of his fantastic items.

The shop owner has also created a few other Disney Princess Zombies, but I found Cinderella and Belle to be my favorites.  Belle is really a Beauty, isn't she?  Both of these are available for $80 each.  You can purchase Cinderlella here and Belle here.

Last, but not least, is my favorite movie of all time - The Little Zombie...err..Mermaid!

Isn't she ridiculously adorable?  The shop owner, Kimberly Perez, offers this as a "5x7 print packaged in plastic sleeve with back board." The print is only $10.00...and I'm thinking of getting it myself! Beat me to it and get it here.

Hopefully Walt Disney isn't turning over in his grave. Hope you've enjoyed and stay spooky!

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