Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kiss Your Colon Goodnight!

No, really. Well, maybe not yours, as in the one in your body, but a stuffed one. Because everyone dreams of owning their very own stuffed colon, right?

In all honesty, this has to be one of the cutest organs I've ever seen (and I don't think I ever thought in my life I'd be writing that sentence whilst being sober). Sigmund the Sigmoid Colon is a plushie that is just adorable; so adorable, that is, that you want to squeeze the shit out of it.

Oh, those wacky people on Etsy will come up with anything and everything! Sigmund's description really takes the crapper:


Sigmund is the gatekeeper of your colon and the one to thank for narrowly averting bathroom accidents!

While he enjoys a considerable amount of movement and flexibility in the body, Sigmund is firmly in charge of both holding and expelling waste.

In the High School of your body, Sigmund was voted “Most Likely to develop Diverticula”

Nothing says:
"Hold on baby!"
quite like a sigmoid!

I almost busted a gut laughing. Sigmund will cost you all of $20.00 and can be purchased here.