Monday, July 16, 2012

Weddings, in Geek Form

A celebration is to be had - this blogger just got engaged on Friday! Squeeeeeee!  I'm terribly, horribly, fabulously excited about getting hitched.  Because of this, I'm inspired to find all the fun, geeky wedding items over on Etsy.  Ready?  Here we go!

Cake toppers are a traditional part of weddings, but most are fairly bland ones, consisting of a generic bride and groom.  Etsy seller CreativeButterflyXOX has a few different cake toppers that put the ..erm, dings?, in weddings!

Who doesn't love a good Superhero, especially one of the most well known Superheroes of them all - Superman!  Who needs a traditional cake topper when you can have the Man of Steel, and his well known lady-friend, Lois Lane, mounting your fondant.  This cake topper can be purchased for $82.00 and can be found here.

If Superman isn't your speed, how about you wed in a Galaxy Far, Far Away?  Princess Leia and Han Solo are there to congratulate you into eternal bliss.  These guys are for cupcakes and will only set you back $36.00, a steal for weddings! Find them here.

Don't forget about Wedding Rings!

The true geek loves circuit boards, and what better way to commemorate a commitment that lasts longer (hopefully) than your laptop.  These circuit board wedding rings are available at
TheBlueKraken's Etsy store and is steal at $85.00.  Order them here.

What do you purchase for the geeky couple on their day of squeeing bliss?  Why, matching his-and-hers Star Wars mugs of course!

Get them something to remind them of the Force that brought them together every time they boot up with some java in the morning.  They'll think of you, and depending how they feel about each other that morning, will love you or hate you!  Only $36.00 for the pair, and you can get them here at Etsy seller's LennyMud's store.

So remember, just because you're a Geek doesn't mean you'll never get married. It might just take longer.  In the end, however, it should last longer than your laptop and be happier than Jaba the Hut watching a chained up, gold-gilded Princess Leia while munching on some pizza.

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