Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gotta Catch 'Um All - Pikaboob Go!

I was reminiscing this morning to the days when my son was a young kiddo in elementary school.  Life was simple, easy, innocent, and filled with Pokemon.  A light when off in my head, and I thought,  "Hey, why not blog about Pokemon? There's gotta be a load of cute stuff!" 

I never thought that I'd find what I did - a market for Poke(oh!)mon Lingerie.

And so we go on an adventure with grown up Ash and Pikaboob, to try to catch the JigglyPuffs.

We'll start off with a what's marketed as a "Sexy Pikachu Boyshort."  I'm not so sure if I'd have scored every night if I peeled off my sexy skinny jeans, trying to seduce my soon-to-be-lover, only to have Pi-Ka-CHU! staring him in the face.  Seller Stitch3d writes, "Well ladies, bring out your sexy geeky side with these ultra cute boy short panties! Wow that special someone with these geeky lil panties, the look on his face will be priceless."  Priceless is a nice word for it.  If you really want to own these, they are available here at $13.00 a pair.  

This isn't technically lingerie, but the boob placement of the pokeballs are pretty suggestive.  Wanna catch my boobies?  The tank is from MoonShineApparel and is available for $18.88 here.

There's apparently quite the market for Pokemon related bras.  Below is a halter made with pony beads:

 If your jiggly puffs are beyond an A-Cup, they can't be caught in petrichorclothing's bra.  They're made to fit us more petite pokemon ladies.  This particular candi-bra is available here for $35.00.

For the B-Cuppers out there, never fear!  You can have your own bejeweled Togepi Pokemon Bra! 

 There it is!  A soft, delicious Togepi just staring you in the face. Makes you want to grab him, doesn't it?  Framptastic sells this bra in a 34B for $35.00 here

If you want to be a little fancier, and need more versatility, this bra is made to order in any size. 

Pictured is a 34B.  The Rhinestones make this bra fancy enough to wear to your friend's Pokemon-Themed wedding, and seductive enough to overthrow any Ash with your Trainer skills, therefore winning his badge...of love.  The city's name is NeonWonderland and you can buy your pokeboobs for $60.00 here.

Last but not least...why, a Pikathong of course!

 I bet this was the exact thong th-thong thong thong Cisco was thinking about when he wrote his infamous tune.  This Limited Edition! thong is available in size S-L.  Shake your jiggle-jiggle-jiggle-jiggly-puff yeah! for only $12.00 at shopMissMonica's store here.  

Now that I've thundershocked you into thinking sexy-time thoughts when watching snorlax snooze his way around Vermillion City, go get some...lingerie to show your Pokemon Trainer how it's really done.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Careful, there's a Piranha Plant in the Toilet!

Ever since I was a child, I've had a fascination with Super Mario.  I loved the games, and although we couldn't afford to collect them, admired the related Super Mario toys and decor that came along with it.  I even watched the horribly awesome movie!

Now that I'm an adult, and just as poor, I still admire the world of those two Italian Brothers. I've even been him for Halloween!  I've decided to dedicate a post to things Super Mario and his crew.

Let's start with home decor:

Tell me this isn't the most awesome bathroom you've ever seen?  I love the thoughtful decor, down to the "Game Over" towels hanging.  I'm trying to convince my fiance to let me do something like this to our bathroom after we find our new place. Just watch out for the Piranha Plants in the toilet. I found these photos on the blog, Nerd Approved.

Let's move on to bedrooms. The bedroom is a personal space. Somewhere to share your love, affection and...obsession with Super Mario.  Who could say no to Goomba Love?

Somehow I doubt that I'd be able to get away with doing an entire Super Mario themed bathroom, but doesn't it look awesome?  This mural is just lovely. Photo found on WalYou.

Ok, maybe blatant, in-your-face Mario home decor isn't your thing. How about these classy, yet unobtrusive Super Mario coasters?

You can profess your love in an entirely subtle way that may not get you kicked out on your tooshie.  Even Bowser would love these!  Etsy seller CheerstotheWeirdness sells these for a mere $12.99.  You can get them here.

Maybe your lover has a Super Mario fetish of his own?  Treat him to some va-va-voom (insert that chu-chu-chu pipe noise here?) with this cosplay outfit:

No doubt, he'd want to eat your mushrooms and be, erm, your little princess if you wear this.  Just make sure to get up as high on the pole as possible.  It's only (eep!) $495. Ok, that's quite hefty, but who can put a price on Mario lurve?  It's on ShhhCoutureLatex's Etsy site and you can get it here

Don't forget, don't be afraid to express your mildly freaky obsession with the man in red (not Superman!). And if you find someone who lets you dress up in Mario latex, then he's definitely a keeper!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Geekasaurus Rex

My household has been on a Jurassic Park kick lately.  It's been one of my son's favorite movies since was a wee little kid, and now at 12, he'll still pop it in when he's bored and needs something to watch.  It was playing on our screen last night and hence the inspiration for today's post: Geekosaurus.

Etsy is a wonderful treasure trove of things, and finding dinosaur items is no exception.  Let's start with dinosaur things for kids, little and big alike!

The dinosaur wall stencil, by seller MyWallStencils,  helps you create Jurassic Park, right in your own home, without the threat of really being eaten!  There's a variety of stencils to help your imagination bloom, from T-Rex to Brachiosaurus, you can go wild with gigantic dreaming. You can purchase this here for $89.99. You will receive: 26 stencils and a detailed instruction and color guide.

This cheeky t-shirt will help you feel like you've plunged right into the middle of the movie.  We all know what a clever girl you are, but why not put it out there in dinosaur proportions? 
 Perdita00's store allows you to shout your fan girl love for Jurassic Park for a mere £16.00, which is around $26.00 USD. 

If you want to take your Dino-Love a bit further and dress like one, these next two items are perfect for you.

The Adult Godzilla Dinosaur Hat will make your roar with delight.  Yes, technically it's Godzilla hat, but close enough, right?  Shopkeeper RavensCraftCreations custom makes these hats, so if you have a big dinohead, it'll still fit.  It's priced at $75.00.

Last, but not least, is the Dinosaur Hoodie!  Complete with DinoFace on the hood, you can pretend that you're a dinosaur.  Extra points if you do those little T-Rex hands.  The shop owner's name is HorriblyAdorable - how could you not want to buy from a store named that?  It's $69.00 and available here

We hope you've had a roarin' good time reading this blog! Keep on geeking, Geekosauruses!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Weddings, in Geek Form

A celebration is to be had - this blogger just got engaged on Friday! Squeeeeeee!  I'm terribly, horribly, fabulously excited about getting hitched.  Because of this, I'm inspired to find all the fun, geeky wedding items over on Etsy.  Ready?  Here we go!

Cake toppers are a traditional part of weddings, but most are fairly bland ones, consisting of a generic bride and groom.  Etsy seller CreativeButterflyXOX has a few different cake toppers that put the ..erm, dings?, in weddings!

Who doesn't love a good Superhero, especially one of the most well known Superheroes of them all - Superman!  Who needs a traditional cake topper when you can have the Man of Steel, and his well known lady-friend, Lois Lane, mounting your fondant.  This cake topper can be purchased for $82.00 and can be found here.

If Superman isn't your speed, how about you wed in a Galaxy Far, Far Away?  Princess Leia and Han Solo are there to congratulate you into eternal bliss.  These guys are for cupcakes and will only set you back $36.00, a steal for weddings! Find them here.

Don't forget about Wedding Rings!

The true geek loves circuit boards, and what better way to commemorate a commitment that lasts longer (hopefully) than your laptop.  These circuit board wedding rings are available at
TheBlueKraken's Etsy store and is steal at $85.00.  Order them here.

What do you purchase for the geeky couple on their day of squeeing bliss?  Why, matching his-and-hers Star Wars mugs of course!

Get them something to remind them of the Force that brought them together every time they boot up with some java in the morning.  They'll think of you, and depending how they feel about each other that morning, will love you or hate you!  Only $36.00 for the pair, and you can get them here at Etsy seller's LennyMud's store.

So remember, just because you're a Geek doesn't mean you'll never get married. It might just take longer.  In the end, however, it should last longer than your laptop and be happier than Jaba the Hut watching a chained up, gold-gilded Princess Leia while munching on some pizza.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Taking Over the World, One Word at a Time.

This isn't a normal "Hunting for a Wabbit" post, but I wanted to proudly announce that my first novella, "Chimera Roses: A Fairy Tale" has been published!

I'm very, very excited about it and I hope you'll all enjoy my story.  It's available at Lulu, Smashwords and Kindle.

Here's a short description:

An Evil Stepmother, a Beautiful Princess, a Beast and a Glass Slipper. The makings of a happy-ending fairy tale? Rosella could only wish her life was that grandiose. All the makings of a future queen, but the journey is dark: a father who cannot grasp reality, a mother who wishes her dead, and dwarves who would rather seduce her than help her overcome her obstacles.

The world of self-publishing is a very interesting one.  There's no publishing house to marketing you with their oodles of dollars; you have to rely on yourself, friends and family to get the word out for you.  So far, it's been a great, and fun experience.  I'm glad to finally get my work out there, and hope that people will order it and read!

Let's hope this helps me take over the world, one word at a time.