Thursday, October 23, 2014

Great Hera! You're a Wonder, Woman.

Merciful Minerva! Round up those bombshells, because we're doing pin-ups today, Wonder Woman style.  

Wonder Woman has always been a bit of a mystery to me.  I admit, I never got into her story line, but the overall look and obvious power of Princess Diana has always appealed to me.  I stumbled across a few photos of a Wonder Woman-inspired pin-up dress, and I immediately fell in love.  Of course, that had me hunting for other retro Wonder Woman get-ups, and what I found was amazingness across the board.  I had to share it with all of you.

This was the dress that started my search. It's elegant, fun, and beautiful, perfectly capturing the pin-up era Wonder Woman:

Created by designer, , the 1950s dress was handmade in Orlando, Florida.  According to the shopkeeper:
Inspired by the Amazing Wonder Woman with a 1950's Flare. Great for everyday, cosplay, halloween, themed parties or pin up inspired events!  To Include:

1950's inspired Dress
Fully Styled Wig with Victory Rolls & Wonder Woman Hairpin
Wonder Woman =W= Necklace
Adjustable Gold Belt
Wonder Woman Striped 1950's Vintage Pumps (these are authentic vintage pieces)
This dress is absolutely gorgeous. At the time of this writing, there was only 1 available, so hurry!  You can purchase it here for $280.00. 

 This next dress isn't one I found on Etsy, but I fell in love anyway.

Available from UK retailers KooKee Boutique, this dress is available in multiple sizes.  It doesn't ship to the US, so if you've got friends abroad, you may want to ping them to purchase.  The dress is available here for £54.00.

Another Etsy creation, my favorite kind, this Wonder Woman apron will have you feeling your inner Amazonian Betty Crocker.  Shopowner writes, 

All women can do wonders if they're put to the test.

Whether lassoing your family or tackling the lines at Comic-Con, this apron is for you!
It's.... something that should be in your closet right now! This hand made apron is crafted of the best fabric just for you. 
 If I owned this, I'd be inspired to lasso up some chocolate chip cookies.  Please note that the petticoat is not included with this apron.   You can purchase it here starting at $79.99.

We're going to go a little on the campy side now with this spandex Wonderwoman Cosplay outfit. 

This bombshell betty's fun fashion choice is available through shopowner .  It's a handmade item, made-to-order on your size.  The body-hugging pencil skirt will definitely show-off your pin-up curves.  You can purchase it here for $65.00.  

I couldn't complete this post without adding something for the beach bunny Wonder Woman: 

According to designer ,
This super gorgeous wonder woman inspired bikini features a high waist bottom with red sides and a sparkly blue with white star center front and back. The top features a tie up back and a red collared neck strap, top is also lined with swimsuit lining as well. The perfect pinup swimsuit with a modern print and vintage style! Super Cute!!
This two-piece is available in a multitude of sizes and can be purchased here for $99.99.  

I hope this helps you channel the Wonder Woman in all of us! Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Fashion Favor!

The new installment of Hunger Games: Mockingjay will be out next month. With the movie, and Halloween, coming up, what better time is there to introduce some Cosplay ideas? There are myriad designs found floating around Etsy. I'll be introducing you to two characters' fashions today.

 Effie Trinket, the escort of the District 12 tributes, including Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, is a character with costuming beyond life.  Her fun, colorful, quirky ensembles make for great costumes.  The talented designers at Etsy have created these wonderful Effie-inspired pieces for you to enjoy.

This hand-stitched butterfly dress is inspired by the one-and-only Effie's outfit during the Quarter Quell reaping.  The attire comes with gloves, and the infamous butterfly hat.  Available at , for $450.00 and is custom made to order.

The first reaping is where Effie was introduced to us as a character.  Her whimsical suit is the first glimpse we get to see of The Capitol, in contrast to the dull, bland colors of District 12.  ncluded in this costume are: jacket, skirt, neck piece, wig, and flower clip. You can purchase it at at shop here for $750.00

Katniss Everdeen, the heroine of The Hunger Games, dresses a bit more conservatively than Effie Trinket.  Wool, dark colors, and comfort are the name of the game, and these pieces are a bit more wearable than her escort's couture.

Katniss' hunting cowl was worn in the opening scene of Hunger Games: Catching Fire.  She wears it over her father's hunting jacket when meeting Gale in the woods. According to :

This pattern is very similar to the cross body cowl worn by Katniss is "Catching Fire". Her's was a beige/grey but you can have one in a variety of colors.

The size available is Adult, One-Size-Fits-Most. Yarn is bulky and very stretchy. It also goes back to it's original size well. You can purchase it here for $56.00.

This very wearable sweater was inspired by the sweater as seen on Katniss wears during the Victory Tour speeches in Catching Fire.  It's hand crocheted by .  Each sweater is made to order and costs $209.00.  You can purchase it here.

 Last, but  not least, Katniss' chariot costume from The Hunger Games, was definitely head turning, especially to those at The Capitol.  It was the first introduction to the Girl on Fire.  Writes creator, ,
The costume tunic fabric is a wonderful unusual slightly stretchy vinyl/PVC embossed velvet. Embedded in the small shiny scales are tiny multi-color specks that catch and reflect the light as if lit from within. This snug fitting corset-styled tunic has a zip front and lightly boned seams with decorative top-stitching. The neckline features a large pointed collar that can stand up or lie flat and the long sleeves have exaggerated bell-shaped cuffs and pointed shoulder epaulettes like the movie costume.
 You can purchase this item here for $299.00.

May the odds be ever in your fashion favor!