Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Careful, there's a Piranha Plant in the Toilet!

Ever since I was a child, I've had a fascination with Super Mario.  I loved the games, and although we couldn't afford to collect them, admired the related Super Mario toys and decor that came along with it.  I even watched the horribly awesome movie!

Now that I'm an adult, and just as poor, I still admire the world of those two Italian Brothers. I've even been him for Halloween!  I've decided to dedicate a post to things Super Mario and his crew.

Let's start with home decor:

Tell me this isn't the most awesome bathroom you've ever seen?  I love the thoughtful decor, down to the "Game Over" towels hanging.  I'm trying to convince my fiance to let me do something like this to our bathroom after we find our new place. Just watch out for the Piranha Plants in the toilet. I found these photos on the blog, Nerd Approved.

Let's move on to bedrooms. The bedroom is a personal space. Somewhere to share your love, affection and...obsession with Super Mario.  Who could say no to Goomba Love?

Somehow I doubt that I'd be able to get away with doing an entire Super Mario themed bathroom, but doesn't it look awesome?  This mural is just lovely. Photo found on WalYou.

Ok, maybe blatant, in-your-face Mario home decor isn't your thing. How about these classy, yet unobtrusive Super Mario coasters?

You can profess your love in an entirely subtle way that may not get you kicked out on your tooshie.  Even Bowser would love these!  Etsy seller CheerstotheWeirdness sells these for a mere $12.99.  You can get them here.

Maybe your lover has a Super Mario fetish of his own?  Treat him to some va-va-voom (insert that chu-chu-chu pipe noise here?) with this cosplay outfit:

No doubt, he'd want to eat your mushrooms and be, erm, your little princess if you wear this.  Just make sure to get up as high on the pole as possible.  It's only (eep!) $495. Ok, that's quite hefty, but who can put a price on Mario lurve?  It's on ShhhCoutureLatex's Etsy site and you can get it here

Don't forget, don't be afraid to express your mildly freaky obsession with the man in red (not Superman!). And if you find someone who lets you dress up in Mario latex, then he's definitely a keeper!

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