Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Zombies Ate My Childhood

I'm still on a Zombie obsession kick.  I'm sorry if it bores you (well, not really), but I've been having a lot of fun with this theme.  Why not have more fun by ruining (enhancing?) your childhood by changing them into the walking dead?

Super Mario Bros. was, and still is, one of the major sources of joy during my childhood.  However, Princess Peach wasn't one of my favorites, so it makes sense that she would be one of the first to turn into a zombie:

Poor Mario. He didn't even have a chance. See, that's what happens when you chase after a "Damsel in Distress."  Seller KodyKoalaToys only has one of these available for $160, so you'd better hurry and click here to purchase her.

Ok, so you probably don't need a gas mask for the upcoming zombie apocalypse, but you never know what kind of undead germs are whizzing through the air ready to infect you. To protect yourself, you need a gas mask. Specifically, a pokeball gas mask:

Ok. They're not functional respirators. But it still looks really cool.  You can purchase it here for $66.00.

Who doesn't remember watching the smurfs when they were a kid? Those cute, little blue creatures of...terror! Argh! They're zombiefied!

Maybe that's why Gargamel kept chasing them - he was trying to save himself from being eaten alive!  According to shop owner, Steve Benson, "Unfortunately those lil Blue cuties that stand 3 apples high and hum that annoying song could not be saved from the Zombie plague and now they too walk the Earth in an undead trance , singing " La la la la la la la la la la la Brainnnnnnnnns !!!!" and for the record Gargamel was the first person they ate , followed up by Azrael for desert !"  You can purchase this Smurfbie for $36.00 here.

My other obsession, Harry Potter, has received the undead treatment as well, in the form of this adorable art print:

"Zombie Potter, the boy who didn't," is a print of the original, signed by the artist, K. Werner.  It's a steal at only $12.00 and is available for purchase here.

I hope I didn't ruin your childhood too much. At least I didn't do a remake a la Hollywood and turn a wonderful cartoon into a craptastic CGI!

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