Monday, January 2, 2012

If it Looks Like a Duck, Walks Like a...what?

The author of this blog is a big Oregon Ducks fan.  If you don't like them, well...keep reading anyway, because I like having readers. If you do like them, then enjoy this blog which is being written in honor of their Rose Bowl win.

I decided since the ducks won their first Rose Bowl win in over 90 years today, I would find all kinds of cute and ducky things on the internet, and my search didn't disappoint me!  If you know someone who is a huge fan of the Oregon Ducks, or just likes ducks in general, check out these items that are being sold on Etsy, Ebay and Amazon:

Combining Ducks and Zombies seems like a match made in heaven (or a match made in my bff's heaven).  This pin is a too cute representation of what a duck may look like when the apocalypse hits at the end of the year.  Wear this pin proudly to show the Zombies you are in support of their Oregon football team.  At only $8.00, you'd have to have no Brains, Brains, Brains! to purchase one of these here.

How about getting drunk as a duck? Okay, I know the saying goes "drunk as a skunk," but really, do skunks get drunker than ducks? 

Not according to this cheery and lushed out fella above. This charming figurine is a wine holder, if you couldn't tell.  Look at how he grips that bottle, hanging onto his beloved fermented grapes with fervor! This wine holder is available on Amazon for $26.29 (on sale at the time of this posting!).

I'm going to mash up a favorite movie with my favorite mascot next with these adorable rubber ducks:
How could you not love these little guys? I especially love the Tin Man, but the whole collection is adorable.  This set of Wizard of Oz rubber ducks is currently being offered on ebay for $59.95 - 22 days left to purchase at the time of this posting.

If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck...yadda yadda.  Happy Rose Bowl championship, Oregon!  Hope you all are celebrating your little duck butts off!

- The Jaded Muse

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I am Japanese...if you Please

Okay, I'm really not, but living in Hawaii gets one very familiar with the Japanese culture, and when your bestie's parents are straight from the mother land, you get attached to all things Nihongo.

Before we get into Etsy and all that jazz, I'd like to say, "Wow, it's been a whole damn year since I've bad."  Now that I've got that said, here we go into Etsy, Japanese style.

 First up, who could think Japanese without a little sushi in their life? For all you cold weather people, here's a cute accessory that you could wear:

Doesn't that make you want to Om Nom Nom someone's ears off?  No? Well meh to you, because I think it's adorably delicious.  You can purchase these sushi earmuffs here for $30, less than what it costs for a good sushi meal.

Next up is for those sukebe out there.  Cosplay is big everywhere, in fact we have kawaii kon here in Hawaii, and it's pretty popular.  The pinnacle of every old (and young) man's eye and smaller head however, is the Japanese school girl. In fact, Cafe Tea Parlours around are dedicated to girls dressed like these school girls so those old (and some young) dudes can get their rocks off. If you've ever wanted to dress like one, you can get a costume on Etsy.

For a mere $128, you can be the object of someone's fantasy. No one tell my beau.  I have no idea if he's into this, and I don't really want to know.  Purchase your cosplay costume here.

If school girls aren't your thing, how about your own harajuku...on a necklace?

Not everyone has the...erm, guts, to dress in full harajuku wear, but many adore the girls.  You can have your very own harajuku girl, on a necklace, like the girl above. She even comes with her own rainbow (make what of that as you will).  She cost $65 dollars and can be purchased from this creator.

Last but not least, because I love weird things, and I love the game Katamari Damacy, I'm going to point you out to the most awesomest of awesome sculpture thingies ever:

Have you ever played this game? If not, I suggest you should.  It's a mindless, crazy game, where you can roll up entire cities with your sticky ball (not sticky balls, you sicko, that's another game entirely.)  Katamari is one of those kooky games only someone Japanese could come up with. This sculpture can be yours for $13.50, here.  You can also buy it for the blogger author, she would love you.

Happy 2012, everyone!  I hope to see you guys more often this year.  Be creative and dream on!

- The Jaded Muse.