Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Doggone it, I'm a geek!

People who know me personally know that I'm obsessed with my golden retriever, Wookie.  He's hands down the cutest pup I've ever seen.  It's only natural that one day I should peruse Etsy for some awesome items in dog geekery (because all dogs love to dress up and whatnot, right?).

We're going to start off this post by combining two things I love:  Dog costumes and Harry Potter:

It's Harry Pupster! Have you seen anything more adorable? Seriously, this has shot up to my next "must-haves" when it comes to canine costumes.  Writes shop owner ,
"Bless my soul it's Harry Potter" or in my case since my boy's middle name is Potter first name Henry, "the Henry Potter." Pet costume features a black cape, and a shirt and tie collar in the Gryffindor house colors. Other house colors are also available upon request. This costume is custom made to your pet's specific measurements to provide a comfortable fit, please provide all of the measurements listed below with order. Perfect for Halloween and just because!

Halloween? More like a everyday walking outfit. I'm kidding (sort of).  You can purchase this unique dress-up here for $45.00.

Despicable who? Not me, of course. But your furfriend might just be desipicable!

 Pawsitively cute.  Explains :

**If you love the movie, why not have a minion of your own??!**

This Minion costume is just too cute! Made to look like the cute little guys from Despicable Me, this costume is made from fleece and cotton. It fits your dog’s front and back legs to create a “suspender” look—just like the Minions from the movie. The hat is Velcro adjustable and made to look like the face of a Minion. Perfect costume for any mischievous little puppy!
 You can create your minion here for $29.22.

Of course, not everyone is into dressing up their dogs (blasphemy!), but you can still get into the geeky spirit by investing in real estate, doggy style:

Yes, that is a house for your dog, and yes it is all kinds of PAWESOME!  I kinda wish that I could live in this charming abode myself.  It's a like a mini fairytale in your backyard! The shop owner, writes,
This is a whimsical theme dog house for small dogs. Approximately 16 inches wide,30 inches long and 32 inches high. Hand crafted and the wood was aged to appear old. Front door is a "doggy door style" door. Will deliver to within 50 miles of where I'm located. Please email me about shipping cost so there is no surprise.
Yes, I imagine shipping must not be cheap. If you're really into doggy houses, you can purchase this enchanting canine cottage here for $399. 00.

If you want your dog house to resemble a Disney cartoon, you can go with this style of home:

Can't you just imagine Snow White and her seven dachshunds prancing out of this wonderfully whimsical home? creates these dazzling dog houses.

Introducing the FIRST of their kind Storybook Style dog houses! These amazing cottages can be used indoor and out.

ANNOUNCING OUR INTRODUCTORY OFFER OF $649.00 + tax & shipping! (reg $989.00)

*2 lb. density EPS foam.
*Hard coated with a protective industrial coating (safe for animals and kids).
*Custom hand tooled and artisan painted.
*100% waterproof, insulated and ventilated.
As the studio mentioned, you can purchase these homes for $649.00, here.

Bonus listing - as I mentioned, I love dressing my dog up, but if you don't want to go all out, you can get your canine a crocheted R2D2 hat:
knits these hats by hand. According to the shop owner,

Now your dog can sport a cool beanie right along with you!! This R2-D2 hat comes with ear holes for their ears and tie flaps to secure the hat in place while you guys are out and about.

The hat pictured fits larger dogs but the hat can be made to fit smaller dogs as well I just need a few details about your pup to make sure the hat is a perfect fit :)
 C3PO not included.  You can purchase this here for $15.00.

That's it for this blog's episode of canine crafts. Happy Shopping!

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