Thursday, June 10, 2010

Have a Super World Cup

In honor of the World Cup which commences this weekend, I've decided to take a gander at Etsy to see what kinds of goodies people have to offer for the HUGEST sports event in the world. I was pleased to find that yes, Etsy artists do indeed love the World Cup. Below is a small tasting of what you mind find if you wanted to purchase some of these lovely items.

First up, Doll-type badges of myriad countries you can pin to show your support for whatever country you happen to be rooting for:

They're pretty cute, pretty simple, and pretty affordable. At $15.00 each, you could choose a few countries if you can't decide which country has the most attractive men. Purchase these adorable dolls here.

For all of you Tim Howard fans (one of the most amazing goalies, in my opinion), why not adorn your wrists with a pair of Superman cufflinks?

It's versatile too! You could probably wear them to your geeky friend's wedding and be the talk of the night! Find your Superwoman at the World Cup by wearing these links, $20.00 a pair. Get them here.

While Superwoman are in your pants, why not wow her with your dedication to football by wearing these sexy (ahem) World Cup boxer-briefs:

According to the description:

*These are fully machine washable. Though optional the nicer you are to your clothes, the nicer they look! I recommend machine wash cold tumble dry low inside out. However, if you just throw them in and wash them any way you want, that's fine too. These undies are pretty tough.

Get your tough undies for $30.00 here.

Your Superman cuff links and Super World Cup undies wouldn't be complete without a set of Super Mario World Cup Figurines:

These monkeys will be the final key to win a Footballer's Wife. It comes in a 6 pc. set and goes for $11.99. Get them here.

The World Cup is this Saturday and I will firmly be cheering for the USA to beat England. We can do it, boys!

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