Monday, January 4, 2010

Hold My Tampon, Mr. T?

Hello lovelies! I've made it somewhat of a resolution to update my blog a bit more often then I used to (hopefully a few times a week).  Because it's been so long since I've last posted, and I know you all are holding your breath in anticipation (which means, basically, all my readers are dead because it's been like, a month and a half), I've decided to post more then one etsy item for your pleasure.  Shall we begin?

Now you all know my love for the Purple People Eater.  Browing Etsy, I found these amazing pair of arm warmers that I would definitely purchase if I lived somewhere cold (Hawaii is not really a great place for anything warmers). Purple People Eater Fingerless Gloves!

Tell me these are not mother-effin' adorable!  These have to be the cutest things I've seen in a while.  I really, really would love to own a pair, but will resist due to being completely impractical. You can get them here for a fairly reasonable price of $15.95.

Next up, is a tribute, once again, to my English Major geekery.  We all know we love words like "pew!" and "buzz" and "bam!" and "nom, nom, nom." Pop quiz, boys and girls, what are those words called?  Why, onomotopoeia, of course!  I bet you all got that one right. Either that or English Fail!  I couldn't resist posting this cute little button that just reminded me of those wonderful days in school:

Oh snap!  It's an onomatopoeia, indeed!  I would proudly wear this pin everywhere if I owned it, and you can proudly wear it to by purchasing it here for a mere $1.00!  It's like the dollar menu of buttons!  Forget your two tacos and wear an onomatopoeia.

I left the one that made me chuckle most for last.  Ever wondered how to keep your tampons warm and protected? Yup, I wonder that every single month, for three to five days. Fear not, ladies, for someone has come up with a solution for you. Why not employ Mr. T to keep your tampons safe and toasty!

Why yes, yes that is a Mr. T tampon holder!  Because, you know, I've always thought, when watching the A-Team, that Mr. T would be the perfect person to hold my tampons. Really. Sure.  And I know you'd like to purchase this, so buy your Mr. T tampon holder (really, girls) here, for $7.00.

That's it for this issue of Hunting for a Wabbit, but I promise to bring you more geeky goodies more often in 2010!

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