Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Elephants on Parade

I love pink elephants. I'm sure this stems from watching Dumbo when I was young. I wonder if that was the stepping off point leading to my love-affair with cocktails-- shame on Dumbo! That scene where Dumbo stumbled around drunkenly, dreaming of his pink counterparts was one of my favorites in the movies. Of course, I was happy to discover a plethora of pink elephants on Etsy! I'm going to feature my favorite one:

Oh my. Pink elephant and a martini glass...together! Two of my favorite things rolled into one. If I were Mary Poppins, surely I would've sang:

"Girls in white dresses with apple martinis,
pink elephants marching, invading their dreamies..."

Because really, these are a few of everyone's favorite things. The Squeakums Pink Drinky Elephant (it even has a kick-ass name!) is available on Etsy for $35.99.

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