Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Moutain Men's Power & Grace Tee

A few of you may know the wondrous awesomeness that is the Three Wolves tee. On Amazon it got outstanding reviews. Not to be outdone, the Mountain Men's Power & Grace tee comes roaring at you:
This shirt truly has magical powers. Read some of the reviews below:

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4.0 out of 5 stars Majestic Tiger Style, May 26, 2009
Not to take away from the beauty and down-right awesomeness of the three wolf and moon shirt, but the splendor of the Tiger shirt is unmatched! this finely woven, hand-dyed portrait shirt magnificently captures the true feeling of being one with the REAL king of the jungle: The Majestic Tiger. I feel that this piece of clothing has not only heightened my senses, but it has proven to me that even a meek, lowly 126 pound city sanitation engineer can live like a jungle monster. The next time I head out to the bowling alley on peanut night, I am confident that I will both get the lady (or tigress) of my choice, but I will no longer be dunked in the komode as my aura is now on super-glow! Thank you Majestic Tiger, and ya, shipping was super fast!

5.0 out of 5 stars Tiger savid my life!!!, June 5, 2009
By John Galbunny (East side motel) - See all my reviews
While walking home wearing my new mustard tiger shirt, I was surrounded by several thugs who wanted to take my wallet... At that minute my shirt let out a mighty roar and sent those thugs away in terror, my wife has also found a new animal like attraction to me sine I bought this shirt and I know feel the desire to eat my step child!!!!

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4.0 out of 5 stars It's GRRRRREAT!, June 1, 2009
I must say, that after some initial hesitation of appearing too 'flamboyant', I finally broke down and said to myself, "What the heck!"(apologies for the harsh language) and ordered this shirt.
And boy, am I glad I did!
Once it arrived via UPS and I donned my 'Pussy Shirt'(as my co-workers playfully call it - out of barely containable envy, no doubt), I can truly say I felt transformed. No longer was I the meek little mouse, butt of all company jokes and human punching bag I had been up to that point! Feckless no more I thrust my chest out anew, and, fists clenched at my side, strutted (Oh yes I did! I just strutted I tell you!) steely-eyed and, I dare say, almost SNARLING out of my bedroom, down the staircase and right out the front door! My mother, concerned that I may have forgotten my lunch, gave chase after me, lunchbag in hand calling my name, but I could not be burdened with such trifles - I had scores to settle!
After walking - no, STOMPING for what seemed miles and trying not to acknowledge the dozens of people pointing and gleefully laughing in obvious admiration of my Pussy Shirt, I finally arrived at the favored loitering location of my antagonist, Billy Busarshky; the meanest son-of-a-you-know-what in the sixth grade.

There's more to the review up above, but you can read it yourself. Surely you'd now like to have the Mountain Men's Power & Grace Tee with the most majestic tiger on it you've seen in your whole entire life? Of course! I'm ordering 12.

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