Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Reason Never to Leave Your Computer

Have you ever sat there in front of your screen and thought "Man, I have to stop Tweeting so I can get my jones off at a strip club?" No? Really? I'm sure some people think that. There has to be someone out there who thinks that a computer is more enticing then real live flesh dancing in front of you, but everyone's got a fetish, right? Well, now you have the perfect gift to give to them. Introducing the USB Pole Dancer.

This sexy-bizatch can be found at (yes, I know, appropriate) and at the time of this posting she was on sale for $19.99.
I thought I'd give you all a side view too, so you can see her nice firm (plastic) butt. She runs through your usb port and gyrates/dances around the pole. Even better, you don't need to do any one-handed typing! If your screen suddenly explodes on you it's not my fault, m'kay? Go ahead, knock your (latex) socks off.

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