Thursday, July 2, 2009

Purchase an Argument!

Are you bored? Not just kind of bored, but really, really, really bored. Are you so bored that you'd like to start a random argument with a random person for no reason other than the sake of having an argument? Well, now you can on ebay.

The dude in the photo above wants you to bid on ebay on an argument with him. Here's his description:

Item Specifics

Weirdness : Totally Bizarre Subject Area: Argumentitive
Year : 2008 Type: Email
Item Type : Verbal - Not Oral

So you think this is a total rip off of Monty Python, huh. Well, "No" it's not. "Yes, it is." No, it;s not. That was a simple contradictory back and forth. No, it wasn't. Yes, it was. This does not have to be that way. This can be about anything. Philosphy, Why men are pigs, who let the dogs out, anything. Or it can be about nothing. The meaning of nothing. Or whether noting actually exists.

It's fun, educational and only a buck. (You may think that's a typo. Is it?)

Are you too cheap of this? Maybe you don't have the guts for it.I would tell you what I really think, but that's "VERBAL ABUSE" my other site and the cost is higher. Or is it ?

Emails start once paid. They will be numbered in the suject area. I will not repond after the arguement is over. MUST use EBAY mesages so we have a record AND so I know you are not a relative arguing with me for free.

If you don't think this is fun, or stupid or whatever, DON'T ARGUE WITH ME ABOUT IT. I don't do this in my spare time for fun. It's a living.

Spelling errors are his own, in purple. Apparently, he's an arguer, not a speller, no? So, anyhow, if you really, really want to argue with him, his "Buy it Now" price is $1.99. I'll post the link again here.
Some people really have nothing better to do. Sheesh.

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