Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pickled Ass Cheeks, Anyone?

No, I'm not talking about pickling your own, but on Ebay, you can buy an entire jar of pickled ass cheeks. Why? I don't know. Why not?

LinkThis auction ends today, but there are no bids. This will set you back an entire $.99. If you're lucky, you can click here to still view it.

This is the seller's description:

You are viewing Mason Jar of Dry Pickled Ass Cheeks. I was to an old lady's house a while ago and I saw this on her kitchen counter. I asked what was in the jar and she told me it was ass cheeks that she bottled herself. It was so funny how she said it. Anyways, she gave me the jar and told me to have fun with it. I thought this would be a great joke for someone else. This is a one of a kind item. You wont find it anywhere else only here. Thanks for looking.

I just figured I'd share this with all of you. Lovely, eh?

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