Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dreaming of Cemetery Dirt?

Ah, Cemetery Dirt. Something I've always wanted, especially in a cute little bottle with a Gothic Replica label. What's that, you say? I can get my very own vial of cemetery dirt? Oh look, there it is, on etsy!

Yes, kids, on Etsy.com, you can get your own cemetery dirt. Just click on the link provided for you and you'll be off to purchasing this little keepsake for a mere $25.00. Here is the seller description:

Hey Mom! I want some dirt from where Simone de Beauvoir is buried!" That's what all the kids are saying these days isn't it?

There is nothing quite as curious, interesting, and cool as a souvenir no one else has. This is a vintage spice jar filled with dirt I dug myself from Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris. Montparnasse Cemeterie is home to many a famous folk and is park-like beautiful to boot. Buried here are Samuel Beckett, André Citroën, Serge Gainsbourg, Man Ray, Jean-Paul Satre, Simone de Beauvoir, and Jean Seberg just to name a few. I dug this dirt myself on my last trip to Paris in March 2007.

Go and get yours today! Or maybe you'd like to buy me a gift for my upcoming 30th birthday? Here's one for the wishlist, for sure.

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