Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sonic Boom your Boyfriend Awake

I've finally found the perfect gift for my boyfriend. He's one of those people that can sleep through garbage trucks, fireworks, and his alarm clock. In fact, I tend to be the one to wake up when his alarm rings, and I smack him so he'll wake up. Then he'll snooze, and snooze, and snooze. Well, no more. Here's his next gift:
It may look like an ordinary alarm clock with a mouse like contraption sticking out of it, but, my friends, it's actually more. It's a Sonic Boom Alarm Clock via The description is as follows:

If a Sonic Boom alarm clock can't wake you up, you're probably asleep for good! In addition to extra-loud beepers, their startling bed-quaking vibrators will rattle you out of any slumber.
Your alarm clock will get your attention every time if it's the Sonic Boom bedside clock with a detachable bed shaker. Variable tone and volume controls let you set the most effective alarm. Position the bed vibrator under the mattress or a pillow and it will pound the bed when it's time to wake up! Includes AC adapter.

Only problem is is that I sleep on the same bed. Hm. Maybe the vibrations will be sexy.

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