Wednesday, June 17, 2009

English Master Handbag

Because I skipped my Esty posting last week, I thought I would do a few more to make up for it. Not as if I post regularly anyhow, but I'm trying to do it more often. Since I adore hunting for strange or unique things on the web, I figured this would be the angle of my posts. I'm hunting for things to buy, perhaps?

My find for today is this Master of English Literature. Click the link if you want to see the Etsy site.
Okay. I was a Master of English, and since I still have the degree, I suppose I still am. I'm also such a geek that I would carry this around. It's a handmade tan and teal text book with crest-like cover design. Matching teal patterned handle and fabric interior. Magnetic snap closure to hold all your contents. Isn't it adorable? $65.00

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