Thursday, May 14, 2009

Neglect, so sorry!

I realize I've been neglecting my blog, so I'm going to try to keep up with it at least once a week. All of my writing efforts of late has been directed at my new story, which is about 20,000 words now and growing. I'm aiming for the 100k mark so I might be able to send it into a publishing house and hopefully be accepted one of these days. I'm fairly excited about this project and have been working on it in my spare time, so about 3 hours per week, which isn't much, but at least it's growing, right?

Not much has happened in my life as of yet. I started twittering and I find it a great way to release frustration,as its instantaneous and barely anyone I know is on Twitter. I have been finding some very amusing things though, which I'll post below. These are things I come across when perusing etsy, ebay or think geek.

Take this lovely Tofu plush. It's so damn cute.

So yeah, that's my life. Not very interesting, but at least it's settled down some. I found a new house to live in that's fabulous, have wonderful roomies, a great bf & son, and a terrific dog. Life isn't perfect, but it's going well so far. Cheers to that!

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