Thursday, May 14, 2009

An example of my friends' utter geekiness.

An email converation between friends. I am S.B.

M.N.:Check this out:

M.T.: Sorry but the new enterprise is not –A, since there was no previous original enterprise in that universe. This entire graph is now suspect in accuracy.

S.B.:I feel like I just stepped into an alternate universe names Geekdom. Oy.

M.C.: The new Enterprise must be the original NC-1701. The NC-1701-A was the second of the Constitution class star ships. It was shown in Star Trek IV, V, and VI(and therefore much later chronologically, although Kirk did command the -A).Technically the -A was a new ship after the original was destroyed. In the -A,the bridge was more modern, things were more automated (torpedo bay), had adistinct cargo bay and shuttle bay.

Externally the models they used in shooting the actual films used the earlier
Enterprise models, so they should look identical on film.

The alternative reality Enterprise is much larger in size and crew compliment,
and also launched later (at least 5 years after the original series ship. Oh
and built in bum-fuck Iowa, not San Fran like the others). All in all, they
should have just named the damn moving something else ("Purty Graphics in
Space" for instance), it seems nothing sticks to canon.

As far as dimensions, those are questionable since we don't have any canon to
go on, and the writers are just making shit up as they go along to make the
pretty graphics fit into their "story" (it pains me to call it a story). The
most official size I can find is from the Enterprise Tour website, which states
2,500 ft (762m). Previous data indicates the designers were aiming for 3,000
ft (914m). For comparison, the Sovereign class Enterprise (-E), launched over
100 years later during the Picard era, was 'only' 685m long.

S.B.: Mike has just won the right to be the King of Geekdom, Matt T. the prince, and Matt N. a Feif Lord. Now let me slide back into my utter coolness in peace.

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