Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Wabbit is a Rental

Ok, I know I haven't blogged in a while, which makes me a very, very boring person, but seriously, life's just been very, very boring.

Until now.

I've been hunting for a rental for almost a month now. We're either moving out of our current place at the beginning or middle of March. I'm on a tight deadline, so hunting is starting to get a little stressful. I search everyday on Craigslist and various realty sites that I happen to stumble upon but have not had any luck so far.

What's mostly pissing me off is the abundance of Nigerean-Scam type posts on craigslist. Take one that I happened to be curious about. Here's the response I got:


This beautifully condo (2 bedrooms,2 bathrooms,1100 square footage) was my home for the last five years and is located at Harbor Square,the condo has been completely remodeled with new paint, carpet, and appliances.The prime location can't be beat and the garaged parking is an amenity sure to be appreciated by anyone.Conveniently located within walking distance to Aloha Tower, Restaurant Row and Victoria Ward Center.Harbor Square is a well managed and maintained commercial condominium building just steps away from the heart of Downtown Honolulu. Located on the Diamond Head side of Honolulu's Central Business District and bordered by Alakea Street which runs north-south and Queen Street which runs east-west. Just around the corner from Iolani Palace, the State House, and the Downtown Post Office. Highway 1 (H-1) to the north and Nimitz Highway to the south, keeps the commute time to a minimum from any direction. Public transportation can also be found within a block of the property.The condo is fully furnished with all necessary amenities(exactly like in the pics),the unit is equipped with recessed lighting, central air and heat, the condo come with two parking spots,a storage unit where you can deposit my furniture (if you don't like it and you want use your furniture),there is also a linen closet, and most importantly, a new front loading stacked washer and drier.Pets allowed.I've moved to United Kingdom with my job (i am a construction engineer) and decided to
rent it because the rent is is very expensive here.The price is so low because I'm here and is very hard to find a tenant.I can rent you the condo for max. 6 years .I really want to find a good and responsible tenant for it, and I hope that you can send me some personal information about yourself.The rent of the condo for 1 month is $1200 including all utilities(water,electricity, Internet,cable, parking,air conditioning, fireplace, dishwasher, garbage) and I want to receive the money monthly in my bank account.You can move in the condo in the same day when you receive the keys. The only problem is that I`m
the only person who has the keys and I have nobody in United States that could show you the condo.In order to check it,see if you like it(I'm sure that you'll love it),you need to receive the keys and the contract. Obviously we need a way to complete this deal in a safe and fast way for both.The solution is provided by a company called RENT ( which will handle the payment and delivery of the Keys .A friend of mine moved here from California and used the company to resolve the same problem . This procedure allow you to pay the rent only after you will receive the keys,after you will
see it, decide if you will stay in the condo or not( I will receive the payment after you'll check the condo).If you want to know more about how this deal can work please get back to me ASAP and I will send you the details step by step.
Let me know if you are interested because I really need to take care of this matter by the end of the next week.


Yes, because I'm an idiot. I'm going to completely follow your instructions, steal someone's house, loose more than a thousand dollars, and have no home to live in. Sadly, people are that dumb in my state. There was a story in the paper about someone who actually followed the instructions, called a locksmith , got the locks changed and moved in. The owner found out and kicked the new "tenants" the hell out. Gods though. How naieve or uncaring do you have to be to go along with the scam? I mean the whole thing seems shady from the beginning. I'm sorry if you, reader, happen to be the one who fell for this scam. Then reader, I think you are seriously dumb.

So the stress is building and I've been searching and searching for a new place. If anyone knows a great 3 bedroom or 2 bedroom with a yard, please lead me in the right direction. Oh. I don't want to live in the North Shore or Ewa.

Love you guys,


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