Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hunting for Equality

Today, in Hawaii, HB 444 comes to a vote. Generally, I don't keep myself informed about the various bills going in and out of the House and the Senate, but this one has garnered a lot of attention by those who oppose the bill. The bill in question is regarding civil union rights for same-sex couples. The opposing group in question are various religious groups who don't think that same-sex couples should enjoy equality like all other citizens of the US do.

Some of you may know which side I stand for. I was upset when proposition 8 was voted for in California. I'll be upset if HB 444 is voted against. To me, this issue isn't about what lifestyles people choose, but about people being equal in this country. We all have a right make the choice of being with the person we love regardless of same-sex unions or opposite-sex unions. Personally, I don't find anything wrong with gay couples. For me, it's an issue of people treating other people with respect and love-- why should anything else come to play?

I've read comments on both newspapers forums here in Hawaii and the intolerance I see is heartbreaking. It makes me sad to know that this form of hatred, ignorance, fear, and bigotry still exists in our country, in Hawaii, where I thought people were much more tolerant and open minded. It also makes me sad to see how those people twists words of supporters of HB 444 and bring stupid ideas in like "How about we just let everyone marry their cat & dog as well?" How is that a valid argument. Civil unions are a union between two consenting adults, and I'm pretty sure your dog or cat will not speak up and sign a paper consenting to be married to its owner. I, for sure, would be astounded if my dog could do that. There was also an argument about letting hermaphrodites marry (which I didn't realize was illegal to do??, transgendered people marry (which they do) and incest, etc. Other than incest, WHY SHOULDN'T WE LET THEM MARRY?

To me, what it comes down to is that people are afraid of things different from them. What if I had an eye in the middle of my forehead, would I be not allowed to marry because I have a genetic defect? While we're at it, why don't we also make sure everyone is DNA tested for genetic diseases and not let them marry as well; after all, they're surely defective and will contribute to the wiping out of mankind because of their non-Darwinian traits. Hell, why not make sure that I never reproduce again. I have asthma and myopia and am therefore an inferior breed. Hey, I shouldn't marry either, right.

What it all comes down to is that all of this hatred, all of this intolerance is wrong. I sincerely hope that HB 444 passes today and lets mankind step in the right direction of open mindedness and equality for all.

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