Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Hippy Huppah New Year!

I've made it to 2009! Woohoo! Not that it's been totally uneventful. Let me sort of give you a summary of events.

Last I posted was about my facial blemish problems. It's been about a week since I started using the Clinique stuff and even though I didn't see the difference in the beginning, I can see my skin beginning to clear. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone yet, but maybe in another 2 weeks or so. It does dry out my skin though, so I stopped using it on my cheeks and am just keeping it on my forehead and chin.

New Years Eve was rather eventful. I managed to lock my keys in my car, which is not how I wanted to begin my celebration. This happened before I left my house, so I was stuck at home. My ex came over to pick up my son and proceeded to try to help me get my keys by trying to force my window down. We first used a quarter, then this metal hooky thing and did this for at least half an hour. At least I'm reassured that my ex is a sucky car thief and therefore not a bad father. At least he won't be going down that route of crime anytime soon. All of this fiddling resulted in a shattered window. Hurrah. Go 2008! It's been fixed (just today), but it'll still set me back some. Luckily my ex offered to pay half, so yay! That was nice of him.

I went out, didn't see fireworks, and went home early. I also didn't spend NYE with the beau, because he was in Mililani and I was fairly tired. I also didn't want to drive out there with a broken window. So boo on that. I didn't get a NYE kiss, but that's ok. I did see a lot of drunk people, took a shot of Patron, which I hate with a vengeance and feel like barfing every time I do one, and danced a little. It was rather tame, but in a nice sort of way. I wasn't ready for crazy after all of that mayhem with the window.

I haven't really done much since then, honestly. We stayed home last weekend because everyone was either camping or on Kauai for a NYE thing, which my boyfriend and I opted to not do. We decided to be the boring old couple and hang out with the dog, but that's ok. We did watch a movie, with the kiddo, on Friday. Bedtime Stories is actually a great movie for a disney flick and all three of us enjoyed it immensely. Adam Sandler was still crude, but in a kid-friendly kind of way, and I thought the whole prospect of the movie was very creative. Saturday was the day we gave the mice to the pet store, which was a good thing, and while we were at Windward Mall, we played Glow Putt, which was pretty fun. Overall it was a family friendly weekend.

Soccer games begin again this weekend, so my Saturdays are partially shot.

Kay, that's it! Boring post. See ya later, kiddos.

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