Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Angels and Explosions

Oh! I forgot to write about the freakin' weird dream I had last night.

In my dream, there were angels that you would walk into and whatever the specific kind of angel it was, you would become. The angel I happened to walk into was the imagination angel, and the feeling of euphoria and joy I felt when the angel took over me was so lucid and intense. I swear I could feel it in my very soul when that part of my dream happened. My vision became extremely clear and I could just feel myself thinking in different ways.

Here's the part that gets strange. Ashlee Simpson and Snoop Dog were also people in my dreams. They were being told that there were no more angels to merge with, but I knew that there were two more left. I went up to them and let them know where the angels were and they went. There was another group of people standing inside a room with me, discussing the building we were in. Apparently this building was about to explode. There were also two children who were inside the building somewhere, but the people (who were all possessed by angels) couldn't figure out were they were. The building was to explode in a few minutes and no one made any moves to continue searching the building for the children, so I made a move to go find them. The angel-people tried to stop me, and I looked at them as if they were crazy. I told them it was our duty, as angels, to save people, shrugged them off and went into the building.

I went into the stairwell area and called for the children, beckoning to come to me, trying to use any foresight I might have to figure out where they might be, to no avail. Finally, when I thought I figured out where they might be, the building explodes.

I woke up after that, still feeling the joy and euphoria, mixed with the shock of the building exploding. I'm not exactly sure what this dream means....still feeling the strange feelings I felt after waking up, even now as I write this.

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