Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

Wow, I haven't posted in a while, hmm? Well, rest assured, I haven't been lazing at home doing nothing. It's been a pretty busy week, coupled with me feeling like crap due to this cold that just won't relent.

Let's see. When was the last day I posted? Wednesday? Ok. Thursday was Thanksgiving. I did the obligatory lunch at my mom's place, which was just delicious. I ate tons of turkey, fish, rice, dessert, etc and felt nice and full. Dinner was spent at home, stringing up Xmas lights, so that was fun. It made the place look very, very cheery. I know that doesn't sound like much, but it made the day actually busy. I also cleaned on that day, so that added to it.

Friday was another day spent with Mom. I picked her up to look at couches (my brother and kiddo came along) then we had lunch. It was during lunch that we decided, for some reason, to hit Black Friday at the mall. THAT was crazy. But not as crazy as last year. We hit a few stores and my Mom got me my Xmas gift. Yay! It was just a few articles of clothing, but they made me happy. Go Mom! I also got a couple of my nephews gifts, and the bf's gift, so that was good to do.

Another surprise that happened on Friday-- I might have a job! yay! The funny thing that happened was that I responded to an ad, but it happened to be the ad of a person that I knew, a publisher that I've worked with before. Nice thing is that I might even be able to write for his magazine, which would be awesome. I go in on Tuesday, so we'll see what that's all about. I've canceled another job interview for this, so I'm hoping, hoping, hoping that it works out, because otherwise, I'm screwed.

Saturday was another busy day. We ended up going to the football game, and this is where the cold really kicked in. I have this yucky sore throat with a yucky mucusy cough, so that hasn't been fun. It's been keeping me up at night and making my asthma crazy. The football game was fun though. It rained the entire time, but we managed to get seats that were covered for the most part, so it wasn't so bad. Plus the home team won, so yay!

Sunday was coffee with the bestie, as usual. That went from 11 to 1ish, and before that was breakfast and cleaning (scrubbing out sinks, etc). After that I rested at home for an hour, then went on to shopping with another friend. That lasted until about 7:30, so I was pretty exhausted after that. All I did after that was walk the dog then read a book after Ryder was sleeping. Unfortunately, the cough kept me up at night. Unfortunately I also can't go to the doctor cause as of today I have no insurance. Boooo.

So anyhow, tomorrow, which is Tuesday, I get to see what this new job is all about. I hope I like it, that it pays well, etc. Exciting for me! I'm going in with positive thoughts.

Yes, no deep thoughts today. See ya later, kiddos!

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