Thursday, December 18, 2008

Haiku on a wall

I'm so excited. Tomorrow is the Secondhand Serenade concert and I'll be attending. The funny thing is that I'm not attending for the headlining act-- I'm going for their opening acts, Meiko & Joshua Radin. I especially love Meiko's music, so I can't wait to see her live tomorrow. I'll also post photos from the concert.

My friend is flying in from Oregon today and I'm also excited about that. It's been a year since I've seen her and she's coming out to the concert. She's one of my best friends and I've known her and her sister for about 20 years, which is more or less most of my life, considering I'm 29. It's going to be a terrific xmas season, despite the fact that I'm a broke-arse due to my next paycheck being MIA until January.

On my way to work today I saw an interesting piece of graffiti. It was a haiku. I had it memorized, but traffic swiftly and effectively wiped it out of my mind. i'll try to take a photo of it tomorrow on my way in to work. The thing that struck me was that it said "A Haiku" on the bottom of it. Kids are scribbling Haiku now on walls??? I certainly hope this means that the educational system is finally working. Then again, this said haiku was on a wall right near the university, so I suppose it could've been a college kid.

Perhaps I'll start taking photos of graffiti from now on and post them on this blog. At least this way you get a visual reference of things I'm writing about.

Other then that, nothing exciting has been going on. I went to a wedding and we danced the thriller dance as part of the bride & groom's first dance. That was pretty fun. Unfortunately it was a dry wedding so we had to be especially willing to do this without any alcoholic intoxication, but hey, it was a blast. The happy bride & groom are now on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, so I'm jealous. I don't think she'll be walking much when she gets back.

I suppose that's all for now. Toodles and see you later, kiddos. I'll post photos when I can.

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