Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dreaming....always dreaming.

Literally I mean. I know it's been a while, so bear with me as I get back into blogging mode.

I've been having some pretty freakin weird dreams lately, so I thought I would share them here on Hunting for a Wabbit just so you can get a glimpse of what goes through my mind when I'm in la-la land. Let's go with the dream that I just woke up from:

I was on a trip somewhere, apparently. It was someplace that was very dry, sort of desolate looking (why I was on vacay there I'm not sure). The beginning part is a little dim to me. I remember a lot of dust.

Anyway, I went into town and my eye was itchy. Eventually it was swollen (this has happened to me before where my eye lid looked like a ping pong ball) and looked horrible-- the actual white of the eye was swollen. The strange thing is that the eye morphed from being puffy to being huge, like an eye was cut out of a magazine and pasted on a too-small photo. It was strange.

I ran into a couple of old high school friends and for some reason they didn't notice my eye. I hid it anyway and went along with them uncomfortably. They had this idea that I was looking for a sushi restaurant, so we went hunting for one and found one. I didn't go in though-- instead I told them I needed to see a doctor and left.

I walked back towards the hotel and asked for directions to the free clinic, and someone told me it was around the corner from my hotel. The people I asked then picked me up-- and I found out it was a bunch of girls. I sat in the backseat and noticed that the people in the back were high. As I sat back there, the two girls proceeded to try and rape me, yucky eye and all. I got out of there quickly.

I finally found my way to the clinic and much to my surprise it looked like a shack. This shack was also serving food. On the opposite side I could see a little opening where people could order food. I walked up to the shack and could see the free clinic hours posted from 5-12. It was just past 12 midnight. Disheartened, I asked the girl that was manning the window if the sign meant 5 am or 5 pm. She said pm, looked at me, and though it was past midnight, she showed me in and to the doctor. The doctor, a woman with blond hair, looked at me, laid me on a gurney and instead of checking my eye, brought out a sonogram to look at my belly. I told her I wasn't pregnant, then...I woke up.

Sooo...what does all of that mean????

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