Sunday, November 9, 2008

Update: Facials hurt like a bitch. Day 6

Why did NO ONE ever warn me of this before? Ok, so I went in for my four wonderful hours of pampering and relieving the no-job tension of the week. It was lovely-- I had a one-hour relaxation massage and felt so wonderfully...well, relaxed. I stepped out and found that someone I knew from high school would be doing my facial.

I lay on the table, all nekked (well, almost) and looking forward to my skin-glowing face recuperation. It was great at first. She toned, she cleansed, she scrubbed...and then she extracted. EXTRACTED!!! Now, I don't have horrible skin; I have a few zits here and there, now and then, and this was the pre-period week, so yes, I was breaking out a little more then usual, because of the combination of new bcps and stress. I also apparently don't exfoliate enough. Now, extraction cosists of using this metal torture device and magnifying glass thingy. The esthetician will go in there and DIG OUT THE BLACKHEADS THAT DO NOT EXIST YET!!!!!


Sorry, the facial made me go into a Kanye moment. Anyhow, it basically feels like a needle going into your skin and prying out whatever yucky thing is in your pore. It freakin hurts. Toe curling hurts, and not the good "O" toe curl, the "please kill me and stop this pain" kind of toe curling. The kind of pain where you feel like you want to piss your pants. It was horrendous! I'm waiting for the wonderful results in which my skin is suppose to give off a beauteous glow and look perfectly supermodel-clear. Yah, right.

After that was the mani-pedi which was rather anticlimactic. I felt like she should've ripped off my current fingernails and use a tweezer to pull out the brand new ones or something. Sheesh.

Yes, I skipped blogging on Saturday. But I needed a vacation from my unplanned vacation. You know, the unplanned vacation when your boss says "I'm gonna have to let you go." Yeah. That one.

Oh, and still no job. Day 6 has come and is almost gone, but it is the weekend. On a bright note, I am doing a little more freelance work. While that won't pay the bills, it will feed me for a litlte while.

I didn't take a nap today, but it's time for my early's eight. Oh come on, I can be like an old lady for the time I have no job. I partied it up like an animal this weekend. A sloth. A sloth that went karaokeing, but a sloth nonetheless. Yawn.


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