Sunday, November 9, 2008

Unemployed, Pathetic Loser

By the way, if you google "Unemployed Pathetic Loser," then it leads you to this spot called Burbia, which apparently is some site where people post conversations overheard. Here is the said conversation below that came from that google search:

Unemployed, No Prospects, No Problem

Woman 1: You're doing it with Jack? When?

Woman 2: (smiling) Afternoons, his kids are at pre-school.

Woman 1: What about Janet?

Woman 2: She's at work.

Woman 1: Jack doesn't work?

Woman 2: No, he's a loser, he's home all day watching Sports Center. But, oh my God, he can f***.

Woman 1: You're nasty. (laughs) That's work, where can I get that kind of work?...overhear more

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