Thursday, November 20, 2008

Seat Stealers Suck

It’s Thursday, closer to the 3 week mark of being unemployed then yesterday. Sometimes I get kind of this helpless feeling, like I’m never going to find anything. I know that I’m being pretty impatient and that it can take a while, but I think the thing that gets me down is the fact that I can hardly even find any job listings out there in the first place. If there’s nothing even out there in the first place, how can I try to find a job? It’s a little frustrating.

Furthering my frustration is the fact that craigslist has a gajillion spam/phishing type of job ads. That’s also annoying as I have to weed out the legit jobs from the fake ones, and it’s a waste of time to write a cover letter to no one then get an automated response back about having to click on some website.

An example of one is thus:

Dear ______,

We have been receiving hundreds of resumes because of our ad on craigslist. Due to not being able to fish out the fakers from the real people, we’d like you to click on this link at and fill out our form with your name, address, social security number, height, weight, favorite color and shoe size. That way we can steal your identity and further deplete your bank account, even though it’s already next to nil because you’re a loser that doesn’t have a job.

Pam Spam.

Wonderful, isn’t it? As if I need to me more jaded than I already am. I think life has already taken care of my cynicism, Ms. Spam, so I don’t need you trying a hand in that poker game. Yeesh.

Yesterday, I think I had said something about writing something “meaningful” everyday, or something to that effect. Today’s meaningful topic will be about the girl who “stole” my spot at the coffee shop. I didn’t say it was going to be meaningful to you, but it is to me.

So I walked in this morning to Coffee Talk, where I’m sitting writing this right now, only to see a girl, without a laptop, in the seat I normally occupy while I’m here. Now, in all fairness sake, it’s not really my seat. I’ve only been coming here for the last week or so, so I don’t really get any claim to any spot. Even if I had been coming here for years, I would never rightly claim any spot, but still, I like to sit at the same place and write. I’m a creature of habit, what can I say?

I suppose the thing that irks me is that she doesn’t have a laptop. Yes, this is important as that’s one of the few seats that are next to an outlet and can therefore accommodate my computer should I run out of power. Considering I have almost a full charge right now, it’s really not a problem, but what if I forgot to chare it last night? Then where would I be? The horror of it all, honestly. And the rudeness of it all that she doesn’t realize it’s my spot. There’s an invisible sign there, I swear. She’s just sitting there, studying. Like studying’s important. I’m a little miffed, if you can’t tell.

It’s pretty crowded this morning. Or maybe it always is—it was like this yesterday. I suppose it’s a good thing though, since Starbucks was down 98% or something ridiculous in their profiteering. Even though I have stock in Starbucks, it’s nice to see a local coffee place have business. I think I would be pretty sad if they shut this place down, but seeing that it’s so busy, I sincerely doubt that it’s going to happen.

I read yesterday about how the CEOs of GM were flying on private jets even while they were asking about a government handout and how the jets were worth something in the 30 million dollar range. I could be wrong on this, but seeing as I have no internet connection at the coffee place (my choice, not their’s—I resisted their attempt to give me the password) I can’t research and fact check, so you can yell at me later if I’m wrong.

The thing that’s messed up is that they could sell those jets and hand out the proceeds to those who have lost their jobs in the US. It may not be much, because those numbers are in the hundreds of thousands (have we reached millions of unemployed yet?), but it’s help, no? Any kind of money, as long as it’s spent on the ever looming bills, would be a help.

It seems as though while many are losing their jobs, the CEOs, COOs, VPs, Ps, etc are still joyfully living their merry, wealthy way. Yes, most of them earned their cushy spot, I agree, but when everyone is being laid off, shouldn’t they offer some kind of assistant so at least a few can remain in their jobs? I did hear that some of them reneged on their bonuses this year, so that’s something, at least, but I also heard that one of the CEOs (of GM?) also received a double digit million dollar bonus last year. Imagine if he hadn’t received that, or even just received a 2 million dollar bonus (which is more money than I can even imagine), and left the rest of the money in the company and invested it (maybe not in stocks, but perhaps in even a high-interest savings or something), the company would be a little better off than they were now. Not saying it would save the company, just saying they would be less in the hole. But I suppose we can’t undo what we’ve already done.

I suppose that would be my meaningful thought of the day. I managed to digress to that thought, but it came, nonetheless, so stop complaining.

See ya later, kiddos!

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