Friday, November 14, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go..banish Prop 8

I’ve decided that on the days I don’t take Charlie to the park or have to meet anyone, I’ll sit at Starbucks, or some other coffee shop of my choice and use my laptop to write. When I’m outdoors, I can use my notebook and fill it up. What’s nice about this is that I can’t get internet access unless I pay for it and am therefore at the mercy of my computer to entertain me, unless I purchase a newspaper and do the crossword. I’m trying to avoid that and stick with writing, and hopefully with this either this journal will come or perhaps a new story. I’ve always wanted to pick back up on the Adventures of Chubbit, which I sort of started but never finished, so we’ll see where that goes.

I’ve still been thinking about Jonestown. I know many people will disagree with my point of view on this, but I have to say that those people were very brave. I know the argument was that they were brainwashed by an abusive, drug addicted man, but they were still rather brave because they were willing to take their lives for what they believed in, even if it wasn’t the truth. Yes, I realized that is exactly what the terrorists were doing on the plane when they crashed into our twin towers. I didn’t say I agreed with what any of these people did, but I’ve never had any kind of belief so strong that I would die for it. I DON’T think that we should kill other people for our beliefs. What you believe should be your own and others should not have to pay because they don’t agree with you.

I suppose thinking is something
I have a lot of time to do.

I suppose this is what makes people go out and protest stupid things, no? Like the whole Proposition 8 “war” that’s going on right now. There are people (maybe) sending packets of white powder to the Mormon churches. While I wholly support the banishment of Prop 8, because everyone has the right to marry, and no, this will not mean people will start marrying their pet dogs, I don’t believe that threatening and scaring people are a means to go about making them change their mind. Isn’t this the same as what the terrorists did to us, to some extent? And I’m not saying that it’s the opponents of Prop 8 that are all wrong either, it’s also the supporters, their bullying campaign, and their need to take away equal rights for everyone. But scaring tactics are not the way to go. This makes no one better then anyone else and is resorting to playground war-games; who can out muscle the other. It’s silly, stupid, childish and needs to stop.

Perhaps scaring someone out of their wits and threatening people will work for a while, but while it may force someone to vote “No” or “Yes,” does it really change their mind? The way to change someone’s mind is through reason and example, and no, it won’t always work, because like I said, people will die for their beliefs because their faith is so strong, but at it can put an inkling of thought into their head about why what they believe might not be so right. The peaceful protests are a great way of doing so, so someone can see for themselves how many people passionately believe their right to equality. Yes, I believe this will be a long, hard struggle for people, and yes, I believe that people who voted “Yes” to Proposition 8 in California is taking a step backwards into what the USA truly is. Honestly, isn’t this a time where we should all be equal, where we should just see everyone as individuals and people? Why should one select group of people have a say over another group of people. The silly thing is that all that the same-sex groups want is to get married and have the same rights as heterosexuals. I know it’s deeper than that, but if you were really all about Christianity, etc, then all we would want is there to be more love in this world. And that’s exactly what we’re blocking—love. A loving family, a loving marriage, a sign of commitment. Yes, it’s a piece of paper, but we’re blocking a couple from sharing, as what many see, the ultimate vow. Are we really that blind to be saying “No, you can’t do that because we see it as wrong.”? I do believe that we will be able to overcome this hurdle, though it may take some time to do.

Ok, I’m going to get off my soapbox now and take this journal back to a journal-y tone. While sitting here at my local Starbucks (a different one from yesterday because there are a kajillion to choose from), I just saw two shiba inus walking by. I adore shibaken, because of my jindo dog. They look a lot a alike and have a lot of the same bastardly qualities that I actually love in my dog. He’s smart, stubborn, and feisty. Just like a Korean.

There’s been a lot of people in and out of here this morning, and I’ve been sitting here for a little under an hour. Not too many interesting people, but it might be because it’s so early. I did get a whole slew of compliments on my lady bug rainboots (which I love, love love!). They may be a fashion faux pas, but I don’t care. When you love something, and it’s raining out side, and that something you love are galoshes, then wear them!! Why should I care what anyone things of my footwear?

Speaking of my local Starbucks, why the hell do they have to be so damn cold all the time? My hands are freezing. I am wearing a knitted jacket, jeans, and galoshes and I’m still FREEZING!! Do they make it cold on purpose so you’ll buy more coffee to keep warm? I’m sure that’s what it is. And I’m sure this secret I’ve stumbled on is no secret at all, but I’m still freakin’ cold.

I don’t have much planned today. I don’t know if I’ll take my dog for a long walk, considering it was pouring earlier, but I do have a couple of things to do for my freelance job, which I’ve worked on while I’m here.

I guess that’s it, because this entry is getting rather long. I’ll write again tomorrow…or I’ll try. Considering it’s Saturday and I’ve got a few things to do, it may not happen. See ya, kiddos!

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grimsmiley said...

i think all the protests that are going on now are ridiculous, because THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING THAT BEFORE THE VOTE!!!! the pro-prop 8 coalition was widely believed to have been successful because they were better organized and had more money. where was all the protesting before the election, when they actually had the ability to influence an election? to see them picketing and protesting now just makes me shake my head, because what do they possibly have to gain from this now? there's no vote coming up. they should have used all this energy when they actually could have made a difference.

then again, perhaps they WERE and the national media just didn't pick up on it because it was so focused on the presidential election.

it's just ... retarded. oh, and yeah i'm all for giving homosexuals the right to be as miserable as married people ... hahahahhaa