Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ode to job hunting.

Whoa. That's 3 in one day. I must be bored. I've decided to write a series of haiku that's dedicated to my plight.

Ode to Job Hunting

Jobs are elusive
Hiding like wasc’ly wabbit
Come here you fucker

Hidden on craigslist
Between the pornography
Please stop phishing me.

Oh job, where art thou?
Selling myself and my soul
With my resume

Careerbuilder sucks
Monster sucks even harder
I’ll stick to craigslist

Those missed connections
Nobody’s ever missed me.
I have no stalker.

Stalkers need jobs too
They hunt for them on craigslist
No missed connections

Craigslist don’t fail me
Find me that wascally job
I need a paycheck

1 comment:

Gary said...

LOL You're so funny Suze. Luv ya lots and lots. Hope you find a job soon. I have a interview tomorrow at the local university for a computer technician. Hope I get it.