Monday, November 24, 2008

The little people make this world...

Yes, I took a three day weekend from writing. Too bad for you. J It’s not as if I would’ve had anything interesting to say,anyhow.

So yesterday, I subsisted on a bowl of mashed potatoes and a bowl of cereal. Oh, I also had a coffee and a few glasses of water. No, my son ate a lot better than I did, I just wasn’t hungry. Surprisingly, although I can feel some rumblings of hunger in my stomach, I’m not as hungry as I would expect myself to be. It might be because I’m drinking coffee right now, and that tends to fill my stomach somewhat. I’m sure when I get home later, I’ll be absolutely starving though.

There’s a new girl that’s being trained at the coffee shop and it’s interesting to watch someone learn the coffee business. I used to work at an ice cream store that served espresso drinks, so I remember getting this talk when I was learning all the different kinds of coffee, but we didn’t have any flavor to squirt in our espresso other than Chocolate sauce for the mocha. The line is kind of building up though, I suppose because there is only one person really working the drinks and register right now.

I caved and got the wifi password. I had a project for my freelance project that I completely forgot about and I needed to work on it. I suppose I could’ve gone home and done it, but I was hoping to sit here and write—writing is not something I’m good at doing when I’m at home because of all the distractions. Now I have a distraction here, BUT I’m trying not to use it. I did wander over to Careerbuilder and Craigslist for a bit, but I’m back on track. I’ve got about another 40 minutes or so here, so I should be ok in getting at least a few pages done, plus this entry.

I applied for three jobs at the end of the week last week—yay! Let’s hope I get some kind of response, at least an interview. After a while, it seems so fruitless when you send your resume out and a cover letter and you get no response at all. You just tend to feel like you’re wasting your time, don’t you?

I just read an article the other day that Hawaii’s unemployed rate has stagnated, but still pretty high. I, unfortunately, am part of that high rate, but I suppose I’m glad it’s stagnated because that’ll mean that competition is not growing. Also I just found out that someone else I know got laid off (I think it’s because of the same reason), so there’s another one of us in the boat.

It seems as though this bad economy will never end and I hear that it’s going to continue for a while. Will the US ever be the same? Will we ever be the powerhouse we once were? I’m hoping that if we do go back to being one of the top nations and not in disgusting debt that our leaders will learn to be humble and not be the bullies that we once were (ahem, Mr. Bush). Perhaps we won’t be so greedy for cash and learn how to treat our own citizens better. There are millions of kids being abused, millions without healthcare, many, many in poverty and yet we do almost nothing to help them. No, I’m not talking free handouts; this is mostly for those who try but can’t seem to escape the cycle. Some of us weren’t built to be corporate CEOs and without out laborers, our waitresses, our retail workers, our nation would go nowhere. You would have nothing built, nothing served and have nothing to buy. Remember to treat the little people well, ok?

I guess that’s it today. I’m going to go write my story now and hope that I can get at least a few pages done (ha!). See ya later, kiddos!

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