Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cow Balls are Delicious

It's Veteran's Day. Happy day to you veterans.

I didn't do any job hunting today since there wasn't really ads posted due to the holiday. On a happy note the bf is back from Vegas-- he didn't win a million dollars, so I still have to look for a job so we can eat and stuff. Not that he doesn't make enough from his daily job to feed us, but it's hard when a 2 income households shrinks to a 1 income household. This will be interesting to see what happens.

We've watched a marathon of Bizarre Foods and that put a thought in my head. Would you pay me to eat strange things? I mean, if I could get people to bid on me eating some strange foods and document it, it might be an interesting way to make money. Give me $20 and I'll eat cow balls. For another $10, I'll take a bite of penis too. Hey, hey now, I'm not talking about man goodies-- I'm not a hooker, for gods sake. Besides, the bf would probably pitch a fit. Hmm, the ideas that come through your head when you need $$.

The dog had a more eventful day than me. He got to go to the north shore with the trainer and hang out with a grouchy pug for most of the day. I'm sure he was thrilled. Upon being deposited to me, he decided he wanted to eat a Great Dane. Smart dog I have, no? He's like 55 pounds. The great dane could've sat on him-- besides, who wants to attack Scooby Doo? See what happens when you have a Korean dog? He inherits a Korean temper (and don't you go all ethincally pc- stereotype bashing on me-- I'm Korean and have seen the temper first hand-- my grandma bathed in temper water everyday).

We are now delegated to watching Shrek 2 in the bedroom, and my son isn't even here to experience it; he'd rather stay in his room and play with his Bakugan and Clone Wars toys.

I'm out, kiddos. I'm hungry, so it's time to eat processed Ramen noodles.

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