Thursday, November 6, 2008

Introducing the Unemployed

Hello Everyone!

You don't think you know me, but you really do. Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Unemployed. Yep, a statistic of our failing economy. Since I magically have all this free time on my hand now (Since Monday, November 3), I've decided to chronicle my wonderful obsession known as "The Job Hunt." I suppose it's not really an obsession, but a necessity in my life. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I'm a 29 year old living in Honolulu. I've been working as an advertising exec for the last 2.5 years after coming from Merchandise Buying at a university, a job I loathed for the most part. I've really, really enjoyed my venture into advertising and would love to stay there-- if I can find the ever elusive job.

I thought I would keep a daily (for the most part) journal of my journey as I try once more to be employed. Oh yeah, I'm also a single mom, so finding a job is of utmost importance.

I've been on one interview so far (which isn't so bad, considering I've been unemployed for 4 days now), but have not yet gotten a call back. I think the interview went well, but the fact I haven't worked for a large firm before may work against me. I've applied to 3 other places, but have not been called for an interview-- one application was done today, so cross your fingers for me.

I've actually been amazingly busy the last few days- it's amazing how much lunch you can eat when you are unemployed! I used to eat lunch at my desk, but since day 1, I've had people to eat with. Amazing. So that's what I've been doing. Tomorrow, I have no one to eat with (note: if you're in Honolulu and would like to lunch, I am available, EVERYDAY.) If they offered a career in lunching, I would be your woman.

My dog has also been stoked that I've been home lately. He's never been walked so much, petted so much, and generally had so much to do. Sucks for me, great for him.

I believe tomorrow is a beach day, then a I have a facial, mani-pedi, and massage scheduled. This is only being done because I had a gift certificate for it and it's therefore free, otherwise, I'd be sticking all my pennies into a tin can because once I stop getting paychecks, that's no more moola for me.

I have a few things I plan to do with my time-- one is learn my guitar that I got for my birthday, the other is write, which I'm doing now.

I plan to write more in a bit, but I now need to take my scheduled afternoon nap.

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