Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy National Beret Day!

Yes, I didn’t write yesterday, so bite me. I decided to enjoy a very relaxing day on the gorgeous beaches of Waikiki. Surprisingly, it didn’t rain on me as I went, which made the day even more enjoyable. The day was blue, not cloudless, but warm. It wasn’t disgustingly hot, or maybe I just left before it got disgustingly hot—I was out of there by 11 am. I spent a good hour and a half at the beach, so I did get a little color. Before anyone goes off on me about the woes of skin cancer, let me make sure you know that I’m not a sun worshipper. That would be obvious if you could see my pasty skin in the middle of Hawaii, which looks very out of place.

I still haven’t received any phone calls. To be fair, it is a Wednesday of a short week in which many, many people take the Friday after Thanksgiving off. Also, to be fair, it’s been less than a week since I’ve submitted my resume, so patience is necessary. I suppose it just makes me feel inadequate though when I don’t get those phone calls. I mean, I’m educated, I have a pretty little master’s degree that I like to flaunt around when I need to (and I only flaunt it because it was actually fun to obtain; go creative writing). I have some experience, maybe not years and years of it, but I did work through college in receiving & shipping and also did the retail thing, the purchasing/buying thing, the promotions thing, and the advertising thing. You could say I’m well rounded. What’s probably the hardest thing about all of this is that there is probably a hundred people applying for the same job since everyone else is out of work, just like me. I should really find all of those workless people and hang out with them.

I think I wrote earlier posing a question about unemployment benefits, and thus we go into the “deep thought” portion of my daily blog. I’ve been asked a few times why I don’t just sit back and collect unemployment benefits for a while and just enjoy my time off. To me, I don’t feel like it’s right. Maybe I shouldn’t let working define me, and I try not to make it everything. Unlike some people I know, I put my family before work and find that I should be able to make time for my son and the bf if at all possible, while still maintaining a semblance of a career. My goal is to be comfortable, not rich. But even though I don’t want to make work my main purpose in life, I don’t want it to not be a part of my life. I like working. I like being employed. I also feel as though if there’s someone else who is going to be using those benefits in amore constructive way then me, someone who really can’t get a job but is trying and trying, then I’m going to let them use that money, not me. I mean, I’ll collect it if I have to, honestly. If I can’t find a job by the first, which is pretty much next week, then I’ll go through the process of applying for Unemployment so I can pay the bills and the rent and maybe even eat. But, if I’m not seriously looking for work and I just collect and get “free” money, then I just don’t feel right about it. No offense to anyone who does it, that’s your prerogative, but I just don’t feel like it’s part of my game plan. I don’t know. Maybe I’m too much of a good girl? Is that such a bad thing?

I guess my feelings on that are like the welfare system. I know there are people who truly need it, who are trying to work, trying to feed their family, but just can’t cut a break. These are the same people who are trying to better themselves, and eventually and hopefully get off of welfare. Then there are those who mooch off of society. They don’t really look for work, use their EBT card to buy all kinds of crap in the grocery store and basically use their benefits to buy drugs, clothes, gold bracelets, all kinds of crap. I don’t want to be one of those people, because I’ll start getting lazy, then I’ll start thinking it’s ok, and that would be a bad thing. I’d rather try to make it ay way I can without having to rely on assistance. If I have to, I have to, but until then, I’ll make do.

Somebody is in my seat today, and it’s ok. It’s an old guy with a beret, and somehow the beret makes everything alright. Maybe I should get a beret too. Goodness knows what a pair of ladybug galoshes can do for me, but I bet a beret would make me even happier.

Here’s to berets, people. Let’s coin the day before Thanksgiving National Beret Day!

See ya, kiddos!

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