Monday, November 17, 2008

Grand Mouser and Fat Mice

So, this morning, I found out that one of my cute little male mice…was not a male. We woke this morning to be the proud grandmouseparents of 6 adorable hairless creatures. Oy. I suppose we’re going to try to give most away to people on criaglist, since I don’t think I can handle having a bunch of little critters running around. I asked the petstore for 2 male mice and viola, I received a bunch of presents. I suppose it’s like an early xmas gift, no? I don’t want to be an irresponsible backyard mouse breeder, so we’re going to try to separate these two asap and purchase a new cage. Then it’s trying to figure out just which baby critter are a female and a male and seeing which to keep, because we can’t give away everyone. The kiddo would be mucho upset.

I’m sitting at a different coffee shop today—this one is a locally owned one, just as cozy and just as fun for people watching. Apparently there are a lot of regulars who come here, so it’s kind of nice too see that family type of vibe. There’s a little pug/Tibetan Spaniel that’s running around which is very nice to see. I like places that these little guys are allowed.

I haven’t gone job hunting yet today. I haven’t quite gotten the wep key for the wifi here. I’m trying to keep from all distractions as I can so I can actually get some writing done. I have about an hour to write before I have to stick change in the meter, so that gives me an okay amount of time to get something done before I leave here. I was just offered the wep password, but just declined it because I know once I can connect, I’m gonna get stuck surfing the internet and therefore not get anything done. The temptation is there though. Oh yes, I can feel the urge to get connected and browse craigslist, facebook, and the like.

Back to the mice. What does one do with baby mice? I have no clue. I’m pretty sure that we’re supposed to separate the boy mouse from the girl mouse because the boy mouse will eat the babies. But do we need to get him a friend right away, because I heard that mice get depressed when they’re by themselves. Argh. I don’t wanna be a grandmama to mice! That’s what happens when I give in to my child’s wishes and get him pet mice. I end up having lots and lots of babies. I suppose this will be a good experiment if anything. We can learn what it takes to take care of little lima beans, though, in all honestly, this was not a time for the mice to have babies. I mean, I don’t want to be spending money on mouse supplies and the like. Shame on us for thinking that our mouse was just getting really, really fat.

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